• Sunshine = Smiles!

    13th March 2014

    Isn’t it mad how a little bit of sunshine can completely change your mood and outlook? This week has been the first week of sunshine this year, and the first day it shone I, amongst everyone else in Sussex no doubt, spent most of it outside and in a very good mood. Just feeling that…

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  • “I Lub You Mummy” – I’m So Proud!

    1st March 2014

    It always makes me feel so warm and fuzzy when my two year old nephew says “Love you Cwaire” (yes he thinks its a “w” at the moment) and I’ve been waiting for the day that Chunk says it… AND HE FINALLY HAS! Last night we were just cuddling on the sofa, winding down for…

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  • Fancy Nominating Me?!

    26th February 2014

    Amazingly I have been contacted on Twitter a few times this week by the famous MAD Blog Awards to inform me this blog and my pregnancy blog have been nominated for quite a few awards! So far I’ve been nominated for Most Innovative Blog MAD Blog of the Year Best New Blog Best MAD Blog…

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  • DIY Mummy & Toddler Pampering: EllaPure skincare products

    24th July 2013

    Long gone are the spa days, monthly massages, retail shopping days and haircuts I became accustomed to during my pre-baby adult life. Single parenthood + hyperactive toddler + a job + very low funds = no chance of any ‘treats’ for me, and sadly not many for my boy either, so I’ve had to think outside the box to find ways…

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  • Sleep..what’s that again?

    1st June 2013

    The words of Hamlet; “To sleep, perchance to dream” are so apt right now it’s untrue! I miss sleep SO much and I’m starting to feel the zombie, tell-tale signs of sleep deprivation that were constant in the first four months of Chunk’s life. For the last few days, Chunk seems to not want to…

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  • I survived the first week of work, and so did Chunk!

    9th May 2013

    It’s hard to believe that I have already completed my first week back at work, but I am glad I made it alive! On the first day I was greeted in the morning by Chunk having wet the entire bed, and amazingly I didn’t kick off due to needing to get to work on time.…

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  • Single Parent Pessimist

    Why I’ve Created This Blog & My Rant on USELESS FATHERS!

    13th April 2013

    Some of you may recognise my rants, meltdowns, sarcasm or even occasionally crazy blog posts, and that is because I wrote ‘The Pregnant Pessimist’ blog last year throughout my rollercoaster of a pregnancy.

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