Isn’t it mad how a little bit of sunshine can completely change your mood and outlook?

This week has been the first week of sunshine this year, and the first day it shone I, amongst everyone else in Sussex no doubt, spent most of it outside and in a very good mood.

Just feeling that warmth on your face and waking up to gorgeous sunshine streaming in through the windows, as opposed to having to switch your lights on in the morning to avoid tripping over three thousand toys that have been left in your path to the toilet, is amazing.

We’ve been out and about far more this week than we probably have been all winter, – I think I’m like an animal that enjoys hibernating in the winter, and then when it gets warm I like to start interacting with other humans!

We’ve had play dates in parks and friends gardens, big walks through forests, jumping in muddy puddles and we swapped the indoor play groups for walks along the coast and beach.

I’m starting to get back to the old, happier me, that was very much hidden away for the last couple of years due to issues with ‘sperm donor’. Thankfully I’ve come through it all a lot stronger, wiser and secure in the knowledge that I’m doing the very best for my beautiful son. I’m even enjoying getting back into the dating game and getting to just be ‘Claire’ for those nights!

Spending time outside in the beautiful parks and on the beach has given me time to reflect and has helped me put things to a close. It’s also given us some more lovely, fun memories to add to our life story memory boxes!

What have you been doing during these warm spring days?

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