DIY Mummy & Toddler Pampering: EllaPure skincare products

24th July 2013
Long gone are the spa days, monthly massages, retail shopping days and haircuts I became accustomed to during my pre-baby adult life.

Single parenthood + hyperactive toddler + a job + very low funds = no chance of any ‘treats’ for me, and sadly not many for my boy either, so I’ve had to think outside the box to find ways to pamper us on a budget!

My latest idea came in the form of scrummy creams and scrubs to refresh our skin, which is particularly important for Chunk due to his infant eczema.

The trouble with skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis is how careful you have to be with cleansing and moisturising products. Many skincare brands contain Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, which is linked to these skin conditions, due to its harsh and drying effect. 

EllaPure skincare products
This looks all professional, but it’s actually
on my sofa- how good is that?!

So I was very excited to be sent some pampering products by EllaPure that are suitable for babies, children and eczema sufferers, as it meant Chunk got his own little spa day courtesy of Mummy! 

Our session started with Chunk having a bath with Wonderwash gel. This can apparently help prevent skin problems and can be used in the bath, shower or as handwash. I let him soak in it, like I do with his prescribed products, and whilst he splashed about I tried the Apricot Face Polish.

It’s been a long time since my face has seen any pampering, besides a quick splash and soap, so I could literally feel my skin sighing with pleasure that it was finally getting some attention!
I find facial scrubs quite therapeutic, as my face always feels a stone lighter afterwards (I won’t go into detail about the amount of old, dead cells I probably removed to gain that feeling!).

The scrub can also be used on hands and feet, and I don’t know if this is a common thing, but ever since I gave birth, MY FEET AND HANDS ARE SO DRY AND CRACKED. My theory is it’s because I don’t get time to do my moisturising routine these days, and when I do, I forget! The increase in washing up, household cleaning, running around and bathing I do with my oh-so messy toddler must be taking its toll too!

I used the same scrub on my hands and feet, followed by my usual moisturiser and they’ve softened up a bit, so I need to remember to slot in time to do this once a week to stop me looking like a wrinkly pensioner.

We ended our little sesh with the Baby Sleep Cream, as Chunk has been a very up and down sleeper recently (thanks heatwave and teething pain) so I will try anything for more sleep!
The cream contains lavender and chamomile and should be put on the pulse points so I dabbed some on his (and my) wrists, to help relax us in time for bed.

The cream smells lovely, which is always a bonus, and I’ve used lavendar sprays and chamomile tea to help me sleep in the past with success, so this is definitely a cream I’m going to keep using.

Chunk did seem slightly calmer after our pamper time, which was probably a combination of the creams and seeing Mummy in a calm, happy mood for once! As a result, I’m going to keep up these little sessions, and get back into doing the baby massage he used to love when he was tiny.

It was good to see the day after using the gel and cream Chunk’s skin was free of any new eczema flare-ups, which confirmed I need to stick to natural, SLS/SLES and paraben free products like these from now on.

If you have a child with eczema or you like the sound of trying out a mum and toddler pamper sesh, check out the EllaPure products. Their range includes mum and baby massage boxes, creams for bumps and bruises and nappy lotions.

During July, if you order any EllaPure products, 15% of your order cost can be donated to charity, and in August 10% will be donated. Due to my son’s heart condition, I have chosen The Children’s Heart Federation, so to do this, email [email protected] to arrange your order.


  • Laurajo

    28th July 2013 at 8:49 am

    Aw, what a lovely thing to do with your little boy! Harry won't let me anywhere near him with creams. I have to sneak up on him with his eczema cream! x

    1. Claire

      19th October 2013 at 7:02 pm

      lol Chunk has his good and bad days- sometimes I can go near, and other times I get headbutted and screamed at!

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