My Experience of Confidence Training

25th March 2015
Confidence is something I’ve always lacked, but have always wanted.

I was very shy at school, as I was the tallest, chunky girl in the class and stuck out like a sore thumb, and I think this has always stayed with me. I was bullied throughout my school years by various peers (all short boys I may add!) which added to my low self-worth.

Since having Chunk I’ve realised I don’t want to be that person anymore, because I am his main role model. I don’t want him growing up thinking that being shy, anti-social and anxious is the way he should be too, so I’m working hard to change this.

As you guys are aware, I have an anxiety disorder which is now managed through medication and I’ve recently completed cognitive behavioural therapy which helped hugely.

I’m still lacking in body confidence though (odd seeing as I also write a fashion blog!), because I still haven’t shifted much weight since giving birth, so I thought I would give Instant Confidence training a try.

Instant Confidence is an online e-learning course which gives you techniques and tools to help you become naturally confident, which you can use in your day to day life and also any difficult or scary situations (parties full of people I don’t know is one of my scary ones!).

instant confidence online training
Instant Confidence Online Training 

It doesn’t aim to “fix” your confidence in the 45 minute course, but it does aim to help you give the appearance that you care confident, or as I like to call- “fake it til you make it” skills.
The idea behind this is that if you continue to fake confidence, you will naturally start to really be confident over time.

I tried the course today whilst Chunk was at nursery and I quite enjoyed it.
Thankfully it’s short (us single parents don’t get much me-time you know!) and it isn’t just sitting and reading. There are quizzes after each section to test how much you have taken in, there is a narrator (a lovely Geordie male accent to drool over) and there are practical tasks it asks you to do to practice.

Whilst most of it is stuff I already knew, such as looking confident through maintaining eye contact and sitting up straight, it was good to hear this all as it helped to remind me what I should do, but haven’t been doing recently.

This course has refreshed my memory about what I need to do in both my professional and personal life, and it has left me feeling quite positive and excited about continuing on my journey to no longer being a single parent pessimist, and being much more positive instead!

I was provided with the course to test for the purpose of this review. No payment was received and all views are honest and my own. 

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