• Attempting To Get Some Self-Esteem

    23rd January 2018

    2017 was one of the most awful years to date, so I’ve decided some changes need to be made as I don’t want to go through any of that again any time soon!

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  • Why We Need The Spice Girls For This Generation’s Young Girls

    10th July 2016

    I cannot believe that this week 20 years ago the Spice Girls released their first single Wannabe. TWENTY YEARS!? Where has this time gone? Image from Usmagazine.com I was eleven years old and about to finish my final year at primary school when this came out and this group literally changed my whole perspective on…

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  • My Experience of Confidence Training

    25th March 2015

    Confidence is something I’ve always lacked, but have always wanted. I was very shy at school, as I was the tallest, chunky girl in the class and stuck out like a sore thumb, and I think this has always stayed with me. I was bullied throughout my school years by various peers (all short boys…

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  • My 2015 Jar

    4th January 2015

    Happy new year guys! Hope you all had a lovely, food-filled, tantrum free (or reduced) Christmas. I had a lovely time and as usual it was over before I had time to sit and enjoy my boozy Christmas cake. This is the time of year that you hear everyone going on about “New Year New…

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  • Learning To Love Your Body: Guest Post by Body Confidence Campaigner, Leyah Shanks

    2nd January 2014

    Cosmopolitan UK have featured an article about a body confidence campaign in their Feb 2014 issue, which got me thinking about how little I feel about my own body at the moment, and that dieting won’t necessarily be the complete answer to my problem.  The gorgeous Body Confidence Campaigner featured in the article is Leyah…

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