Attempting To Get Some Self-Esteem

23rd January 2018
2017 was one of the most awful years to date, so I’ve decided some changes need to be made as I don’t want to go through that again any time soon!Whilst it was hard, I also spent a lot of time finding ways to grow my mind and strategies to deal with a lot of things. This has included refreshing my knowledge in neuro-linguistic programming, mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy. Not to mention completing a beginners sewing class, getting an allotment and starting one to one yoga sessions which have all been great!

One to One Yoga Has Been Amazing For Me

Now my head’s getting back on track and mentally I feel stronger than ever. Funnily enough nearly losing your mind strengthens it beyond belief.

My body is the current issue now. I lack self-esteem because I’ve always been tall and chubby, but the older I get, the less I’ve cared about how I look and what people think. Whilst this is a good attitude to a degree, it has meant I’ve stopped caring to the extent that I only ever wear jogging bottoms and baggy tops. It’s nice and comfy, but I see why I’m not top of many men’s fun imaginations at the moment.

To feel a bit better about my body I’ve been a lot more active since we got our new puppy a couple of months ago, as he loves his walks. I’ve been looking into trying veganism again, to be healthier, but I do get scared of not getting enough B12 so I’m still debating this one.

I have started to look at clothes that are a bit more “pretty” to wear to see if it improves my confidence. I’ve come across a few nice bits at Simply Be which have been a good start. I got a couple of black tops that are cut in ways that show off my shape in a nice way, and they have some rather comfortable boot cut jeans which have reminded me that I do have a rather nice, Jamaican butt that I should show off more often!

Simply Be Clothing
My New Simply Be Shirts & Jeans Are Helping The Esteem!

This has helped a lot, but I think I will feel a lot better when I start to eat a lot more healthy again and as my yoga continues, because it’s really empowering (and hard work) to do a lot of the positions. Warrior poses are great for anxiety and confidence, so whilst my thighs are not enjoying them, my mind is!

How do you build your self-esteem?

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