The Kindness of Strangers

17th April 2019
I’m overwhelmed by the private messages, Instagram DMs and emails I’ve received over the past two days after people read my post about how I’m currently holding on to life as best I can.The majority have been from people I’ve never met and it’s amazing how many have said they have, or do, feel the way I currently do.

kindness of strangers

Some have emailed with concern and asked me to see a doctor. Don’t worry, I know when the symptoms get bad enough to need some intervention and thankfully I’m not at that stage at the moment. I do check in with doctors and even did a few weeks ago, and I’ve tried various medications, but they all have nasty side effects that make them hard for me to take.

I’m taking it day by day and today has been a better day than the last two. I busied myself with gardening yesterday afternoon, which is a great distraction and workout at the same time.

I’ve refreshed my memory of all the techniques I spent most of 2017 learning that I shared with you last year, and have started listening to a guided meditation by the late, great Louise Hay which talks to your subconscious to encourage the negative thinking process to reduce.

I’ve also started to think about all of the things I want to achieve which will hopefully encourage me to start actively completing them. This includes going through my stupidly large wardrobe of clothes that consist of clothes I have never worn, because I live in the same, tired clothes; Yeah I really must learn about style at some point!

The list also includes redecorating the new place, losing weight, doing my paid work and working on myself in so many areas it’s alarming. This list feels daunting and huge, so I need to look at it in very small chunks, because achieving something small is better than nothing at all.

I have some really bad days, but I also have good days. I try to post when I have both, because too many people only feature the good stuff online and that in itself is a distorted view of reality which can make people feel worse about themselves if they don’t match up.

I like that I don’t match up to perfection. I like that I’ve struggled. I like that I’m not afraid to show this to those who judge everybody in a similar position.

If anybody reading this wants to share their reality via my site, please get in touch!

Aside from that, I just want to thank everybody who has got in touch with supportive, concerned and thoughtful messages. You guys are great.

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