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LaserZone Birthday Parties: Our Review of their Brighton Venue

2nd April 2022

I can’t believe my son has now been on this Earth for a decade.

After two lockdown birthdays he deserved a treat to celebrate this double-digit milestone.

He has been to many LaserZone birthday parties over the years, but never had his own.

We were due to have a LaserZone party a week before the country shut down with the pandemic, so it was obvious what he’d want!

LaserZone have venues across the UK, currently in Brighton, Leeds and Castleford.

Each venue offers standard games, SEND sessions, group events for schools, teams, families, Stags/Hens and clubs, and LaserZone birthday parties.

We had a party at their Brighton venue, and I wanted to tell you about it, as I was really impressed with the whole experience.

LaserZone Birthday Parties: Close up image of a laser gun which is lit up with bright red light, in a dark room atmosphere.

How does LaserZone Work?

Beyond the Airlock lies a galactic labyrinth filled with swirling smoke, strange sounds, flashing lights and of course, enemies!

The aim of the game is to zap your opponents and their bases, using cutting edge laser guns and phasors.

You can play team vs teams or solo (all-against-all) with up to 33 people at one time.

It’s a game that requires strategic thinking, stealth, teamworking and skill to score points and beat your opponents.

LaserZone consists of a multi-level, fully supervised playing arena, armed with state of the art laser packs and phasors.

Players are recommended to be aged 6 and above (parental guidance for aged 5), due to the equipment and darkly-lit environment.

Innovative technology is used, offering lightweight state-of-the-art packs and guns and exclusive features including Zappix.

Zappix is LaserZone’s in-game photobooth, where you strike a pose whilst shooting the target and a photo is taken.

These photos can be purchased as keyrings, fridge magnets, snow globes or a framed photograph at the end of the game.

LaserZone Birthday Parties: Close up of two laser guns with red lights and their chest packs.
The packs and laser guns
ready for action!

Is it Wheelchair Friendly?

Wheelchair users can play LaserZone and use most of the other facilities, including reception areas, briefing rooms and kit-up rooms.

Door widths accommodate wheelchairs and there are lowered sections on all service counters.

What Party Packages are Offered?

There are three packages offered for LaserZone birthday parties: Basic, Ultra and Galactic.

They recommend the birthday child turning 7 as the minimum age, to ensure guests are at least 6 years old. 

All packages include two games, party bags, unlimited squash, invitations and some form of food.

Some packages include hot food, hot drinks for parents, ice cream and photo keyrings for the birthday guest.

If your party is on a weekday, you get a third game included in the package for free!

We chose the Galactic Party Package, which is the largest package they offer.

LaserZone Birthday Parties: A blue name card which is laid on a purple table cloth, which reads "This table is reserved for Noah's Party".

The Galactic Party Package

Our party package consisted of:

  • 2 Games of LaserZone (we got 3 as it was a weekday!)
  • LaserZone Party Bags
  • Unlimited Squash
  • Downloadable Invites
  • Hot Pizza Buffet
  • Choc Ices
  • Flare-Light Cake Candles
  • Free Game Voucher for the Guest of Honour
  • Glow-in-the-Dark ‘Battle Paint’ for the Guests
  • Tea/Coffee For All Parents/Guardians
  • Zappix Photo & Keyring for the Guest of Honour

Party Food Options

A hot pizza buffet is provided, with the choice of six pizza toppings:

  • Pepperoni
  • Ham and Pineapple
  • Beef
  • Mixed peppers
  • Chicken
  • Margarita

For those that can’t eat pizza, or have other dietary requirement, chips and burgers can be offered.

Squash is orange or blackcurrant, and adults can access tea, hot chocolate and a range of coffees too.

What is Not Included

Amazingly, most is already included in the package.

The only thing you need to bring with you is a birthday cake, and the birthday child!

LaserZone Birthday Parties: The front entrance door of the Air Lock, which is a grey door that has the words Air Lock on the front, surrounded by red and grey lights.

The Party

Upon arrival, we met our party host Rachel, who thankfully did everything for me (yay!).

Rachel showed us to the party table, offered the children drinks and then grouped them up to start the game.

They went to the ‘Air Lock’ for a full safety tutorial, before embarking on a couple of games for around 45 minutes.

During the first game parents can go inside the arena to watch the games for a few minutes.

It is then break time, where the kids eat a hot pizza buffet, have drinks and enjoy refreshing choc ices.

Birthday music then plays, and the birthday cake is brought out with candles to excitedly blow out.

During the food, they can look at the screen displays to see how they are individually scoring in each game.

Their final game is then played, before the host prepares and hands out party bags.

LaserZone Birthday Parties: Image of one section of the LaserZone arena, which is dark with neon yellow and blue cosmic space images.
Part of the Arena

The Booking Process

I loved the easy booking process.

It can be completed within minutes using their simple online booking system.

LaserZone birthday parties are charged by party size, and prices depend on the package chosen.

The party size can be increased or decreased up to three days before the party.

A deposit is paid upon booking, and the party’s paid for in full anytime up to three days before the party.

What We Thought of the Party Overall

My son loved it and rated it 100 out of 10, which clearly speaks for itself!

He loved that he could play three games, eat pizza and have a keepsake photo keyring.

His friends were also happy and sweaty at the end, and praised the party when we next saw them all.

From a parent’s perspective, I loved that I hardly had to do anything.

All I had to do was book it online, send out digital invitations and bring a cake!

It was a new experience as the parent to be able to sit back, drink coffee and watch a host entertain the kids, cook and serve the food and dish out party bags at the end.

The staff were very friendly and so helpful, especially when I had anxiety at the start- they were so reassuring.

Rachel ensured the kids had what they needed, and they even moved around the game times for me when they didn’t have to!

The pizzas taste lovely and are freshly made to order, and the party bags include a range of sweets, toys and balloons.

I would definitely recommend LaserZone birthday parties for ease, good value for money and most importantly, great fun for the kids!

LaserZone Birthday Parties: Group picture of some children in the blue neon LaserZone arena holding their laserguns.
The Party Crew

The Ultra Party Package was tested for the purpose of this review, and no payment was received.

All opinions are honest and my own.


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