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Ninja Warrior UK Eastbourne: Our Review

17th May 2022

We love reviewing a good day out, and I’ve managed to find another: Ninja Warrior UK.

Have you ever watched ITV’s Ninja Warrior UK and wanted to try the assault course?

ITV and its partners have created venues across the UK for adults and children to do just that!

They currently have 14 venues across the UK, which can be found on the Ninja Warrior UK website.

We visited the Ninja Warrior UK Eastbourne site during the Easter holidays and wanted to tell you what we thought.

What can you do at Ninja Warrior UK?

The venue offers a range of fun obstacles inspired by the TV show for families or groups of adults.

You can climb, balance, jump and swing across different obstacles using and developing your fitness, coordination and Ninja skills.

They even have the famous Warped Wall for every aspiring Ninja to conquer.

Ninja Warrior UK Eastbourne offer sessions for anybody aged 5+, but there’s also a Mini Ninja session for under 5’s regularly too

They also offer birthday parties and events for adults including teambuilding sessions.

I’ve got a great discount code for midweek tickets at the bottom of this post.

The code’s great for adults who want to go during school time without the kids, or for after school fun!

Assault course at Ninja Warrior UK Eastbourne.

Our Experience at Ninja Warrior UK

We arrive five minutes early to have a quick tutorial and get kitted up with their merchandise (I’ve described what they offer further down).

This gave us time to also locate the free lockers and put our valuables, shoes and jackets away before the session started.

It’s all laid out on one floor, so you can easily see each section when choosing what to go on.

There are various areas including a soft play-type area full of giant inflatables to balance on or slide down, an area for smaller children and a few assault courses.

Each assault course had sections for various levels of ability, and there were Ninjas dotted around to help you with some of the tricker apparatus too.

My partner enjoyed the main assault course which resembled the show, and he did quite well at it!

Some parts involved monkey-bar movements, others were balance and some were about sheer speed and power.

The Warped Wall was the kids’ favourite, as it’s the end challenge on the TV show.

I have chronic pain conditions, so some of it I couldn’t access, but I liked that I could still go around with them on those bits to take photos and cheer them on.

Some areas were fine for me, like the soft play area, as there were inflatables to climb that weren’t steep, and little slides and trampoline-style parts.

My favourite area was the wall display of the celebrity presenters of the show, so you could have a selfie!

My son and I standing next to cardboard wall cuttings of the presenters from the TV show.

Ninja Warrior UK Eastbourne Facilities

The venue had a café that was quite reasonable in price, which I find rare these days!

It had a range of food and drink, including Slushies which we all enjoyed at the end of our sweaty session.

There’s a spectator area for viewing, and spectators are free of charge when from the same booking group.

There are toilets, socially-distanced seating areas and handy storage lockers which are free to use.

It’s located within a shopping mall, so there’s easy multi-storey car park facilities and the building has lifts and stairs for all accessibility needs.

The cafe at Eastbourne Ninja Warrior UK venue
The café was
reasonably priced

Ninja Warrior UK Merchandise

There’s a range of items themed by the TV shows’ which can be purchased to wear during your sessions.

The kids liked wearing them as it made them feel like they were on the show!

They have headbands, socks, sweatbands, gloves and even masks.

Items can be bought individually or in bundle sets, and come in a range of colours and sizes.

We each had different colours and I found the gloves helped with grip on some of the activities.

The merchandise on offer at Eastbourne branch displayed at the reception desk.
There’s a great range of
merchandise on offer

20% Discount Code for Ninja Warrior UK Eastbourne

To enjoy 20% off for use midweek only (Monday-Friday) during termtime, use code SPP20 at their checkout.

Term time opening hours are 10-12pm (with a 3 hour shut for cleaning in the
middle of the day) and 3pm-7pm daily. 

This code is valid until 14 Oct 2022.

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No payment was received for this review, but tickets were provided to enable us to test the venue for the purpose of this review.

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