I’m Hosting the #LionGuardToys Twitter Party!

2nd July 2016
To celebrate the launch of the brand new Lion Guard toy collection from Flair, I’m hosting a Twitter party where you can win some great prizes!

On 6th July 2016 from 1-3pm the online party will run on Twitter under the hashtag #LionGuardToys and you’re all invited to join me.

#LionGuardToys Twitter Party
Here’s Your Invite!

Disney’s The Lion Guard is a popular TV show following on from the famous film The Lion King. The series focuses on Kion, the son of Simba and Nala, and it follows him as he tries to assemble a team of animals to protect the Pride lands.

Flair have created a brilliant selection of toys for ages 3+ based on the series and I’ve got to have a sneak preview whilst preparing the party!

I’ve put Lion Guard Mini Figure Packs in the party bags so the kids each get a Lion Guard character to take home. It’s a surprise each time as they are not character labelled and there is an ultra rare figure in some of them.

#LionGuardToys Twitter Party
The Party Bags Have Been Prepped!

There are some great prizes for some of the party games I’ve got planned, which include the Lion Guard Defend The Pride Lands Playset for the winner of pin the tail on the lion. This playset has eight special features including a Kion action figure, collapsing rock ledge, bone trap, boulder launcher, whoosing waterfall, motorised vine lift and a hidden passage.

#LionGuardToys Twitter Party
Just Some of the Goodies I’m Giving Away at the Party!

For the maze game where the kids will have to find each of Kion’s friends there will be a Lion Guard Figure with Accessory. These figures and accessories enable kids to create play scenes and can combine with other figures if you collect the set.

For the final game, which involves guessing the animal names, there will be a Lion Guard Collectible Figure Set for the winner.

In between these games there will of course be cake, sweets and other goodies because a party is not a party without these essentials!

There will also be some time to read the Lion Guard magazine and complete some of the games inside this edition.

#LionGuardToys Twitter Party
The Lion Guard Magazine

I’m quite excited about this party so I hope you will join me. If you can’t make it don’t worry I will let you know how it goes on here!

I was sent some products to test and use for the purpose of this Twitter party. All opinions are honest and my own. 

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