Making a Lockdown 2020 Scrapbook with Help from the Poooli Printer L1

24th June 2020

Lockdown’s been unlike anything else this generation has experienced, so I wanted to capture it for us to look back in years to come.

Right now it’s hard to believe we’ll forget any of it as it’s been going on for so long. In a few years I know I won’t remember the little things, like Thursday NHS claps, rainbow windows, shortages of loo roll and even Joe Wicks workouts.

Hopefully it’s something we’ll never endure again, so capturing what it’s been like will be great to look back on with my son when he’s an adult (and grandchildren if I have some!).

We have a scrapbook and I’m planning photos to professionally print of the things we’ve been doing, like home school, crafts and birthdays.

The Start of Our Lockdown Scrapbook

I’ve gathered bits we’ve made, like VE Day posters, art and school work that can also be added in.

To make it look pretty I’ve been using the Poooli Printer and I’m impressed so far. It’s a small, lightweight pocket printer that doesn’t use ink.

Poooli Printer L1

Images are created by thermal printing technology so no need for buying ink every five minutes. There’s a wide range of printing papers that include different colours, transparencies, sticky paper and ones with colourful borders.

I’ve used bold coloured sticky paper to create lists of fun things we’ve done and headings for pages. It also prints banners, so I created the main title on the front cover using a border paper.

Some of the Sticky Labels I Printed

It’s really easy to use, as you can print any image on your phone from the Poooli app, and you can also print lists, banners and cute image borders that can be written on and stuck into scrapbooks, journals or even onto fridges.

The printer itself is so simple to open to change the paper, it’s rechargeable and comes in a few colours- I chose yellow. It comes with a magnetic beak to look like a bird; -It’s the cutest printer I’ve ever seen!

It Prints in Various Black & White Shades & Drawing Styles

There are two models, the L1 and L2. The only differences are that the L2 is slightly bigger and uses High Definition. I have the L1 and have enjoyed playing around with photo images, labels and banners so far.

Overall it’s a handy little device, which is quick and easy to setup and use, and is light and small enough to travel with. The only thing I wish it offered was colour printing, but for things like lists and labels it’s brilliant.

It Lights Up When Turned On!

I was sent this printer for the purpose to test for this review. No payment was received and all opinions are honest and my own.


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