Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Including DIY Craft Gifts

11th March 2020

Another year, another Mother’s Day to stress about look forward to.

My son turns eight this month and can now put in more effort to find gifts for people. As well as getting something for me from his dad (if dad remembers), I like him to get something for his Nan with me.

I struggle to find gifts, but with it fast approaching I’ve started looking and thought I’d share some ideas in case you’re in the same boat!

Make Her Feel Pampered

As a teenager I hated getting toiletries as gifts, but now I’m ageing I actually appreciate them.

Now the fine lines are starting to appear on my face I welcome receiving creams to help!

Re-Gen Skincare have creams, serums and oils that can help with wrinkles, dry skin and the dreaded stretch marks.

I particularly like the Re-Gen Oil for stretch marks* and the Re-Gen Cream* for my stomach and feet. I have dry, cracked skin and both of these have been brilliant over these cold months.

Face and Body Creams, Oils and Serums from Re-Gen

I’m surprised by how cheap these products are, with some at just £6. They leave my skin feeling moisturised like more expensive creams I’ve had in the past.

Wild Seaweed Face Mask from Seatox

Pampering is something I think mum’s don’t get enough of, and gifts like face masks encourage this. It’s a good excuse to put my feet up with a glass of red and Grey’s Anatomy on the TV.

I love face masks especially now my skin is constantly coming out in hormonal acne (the joys of PCOS). This mask by Seatox is completely natural and uses seaweed which is revitalising for skin.

Make Her Feel Gorgeous

Partners can find gifts on their younger children’s behalf, so I recommend lingerie.

Gorgeous, good quality lingerie isn’t something people think about when looking for Mother’s Day gifts, but it’s great! I feel more confident when I wear nice underwear, even though nobody sees it but me (and occasionally the Bloke). Who doesn’t want their mum to feel confident and even glamorous?

Pretty Polly Bras from

As I’ve lost weight recently my bra size has reduced, so I’ve ordered some Pretty Polly bras from UK Lingerie. They’re both gorgeous, stylish and really comfortable which is a must for me.

The Imogen black bra is strapless, as I’m going to brave it and start wearing strapless dresses this summer. It seems quite supportive and has the option to put straps on for other outfits.

Lepel Fiore Plunge Body from

I bravely ordered this Lepel Fiore Plunge Body in baby pink too, and it’s stunning. It holds my stomach in and is quite flattering to my shape. The stitching’s beautiful and it’s been made well using strong, comfortable materials so I might get the black version next.

BTW I’m running a £50 UK Lingerie voucher giveaway soon so keep an eye out on here this week.

Make Her Feel Loved

There’s many (free) ways you can make your mother, or mother of your child feel loved on this special day.

As a child I wrote a poem about my mum, which I included within a Mother’s Day letter to her on this blog.

I created Mother’s Day cards with my son when he was a toddler, which I shared on here. I cut his paintings into pretty hearts and shapes for the front of the card.

We Made Cards for Female Family Members Using My Son’s Paintings

My son recently painted the Harry Potter emblem onto a heart plaque for his Nan’s Valentine gift. Things like that are small, don’t cost a lot, but are priceless to the person receiving it.

Make Her Feel Eco-Conscious

We all impact the environment so we each have a responsibility to take care of it where we can. The ION8 Leakproof Steel Vacuum Flask is an eco-conscious gift for mums on the go who like their coffee to stay hot.

The first thing I noticed when I had a baby was how I no longer got to enjoy my tea, as whenever I picked it up it was stone cold. These flasks keep drinks hot for up to twelve hours, and they have a lid so the kids can’t knock it over and possibly burn themselves.

The flask is made from Thermoshield double-walled insulated stainless steel and can fit all cup holders, bike bottle holders and rucksacks. They come in loads of pretty designs- mine is in aqua.

Any Other Ideas?

Feel free to comment with some other ideas below, I’m always on the lookout for other great gifts!

*Affiliate link to my Amazon storefront.

No payment was received for this post. Some products were sent as gifts which I have included in this review. All opinions are honest and my own.

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