Tips For Moving In With Your Partner

14th October 2016

Moving in with your partner is an exciting and sometimes a nerve wracking, experience.

Once you’re over the immediate excitement and novelty of the idea, you might realise that there’s a lot of practical issues to figure out,- like where you’re going to put all of your shoes and boys toys for a start!

Whether you’re moving into a new place together or if you have decided on staying in your existing home, there will be plenty of things to keep you busy, before and after the big move.

If you already feel swamped by all of the decisions and compromises you might need to make, here’s some tips:

Try to Downsize

As you’re now going to be sharing your bedroom with someone else full-time, you will most likely need to downsize in order to make room for their things.

This includes getting rid of clothes, knick-knacks and even furniture that you don’t use or need. We all have at least one drawer full of clothes that we never wear, so take this as an opportunity to have a clear out and free up some space for your partner.

You can even use this as a money saving exercise and sell some of your unused items.

You will most likely find that you now have duplicates of many things, especially kitchen utensils and appliances.

Decide between you which one you will keep, so that you don’t end up with a cluttered home full of wooden spoons and toasters. And when it comes to the larger items such as televisions and even beds, you might want to keep both for use in a spare room (if you’re lucky enough to have one!).

Consider their Needs

Everyone has different habits and different routines and when you move in with your partner, you are also moving in with their behaviours and personal needs.

If your partner is moving into your flat or house, it’s up to you to make sure they have everything they need and that they feel at home.

Making them feel it’s as much their home as yours. This will be especially relevant if your partner is of the opposite sex, as they may require things that you have previously not thought of, or have never needed before.

If your female partner is moving in, you might need to make adjustments to the bathroom. Ensuring that there is sufficient storage is vital and make sure there is a bin provided, to keep your bathroom tidy and clutter free. More often than not, most couples have very different approaches to their bathroom routines from one another and therefore it is key to respect each others needs.

If your male partner is moving in, you may need to make adjustments for their grooming routine. These small changes can go a long way to making your new living arrangement as harmonious as possible.

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Have Your Own Space

Of course you enjoy spending time with your partner, but we all need our own space from time to time. The chances are that you and your partner have individual interests and hobbies that you like to spend time on and these aren’t always things you can do in the same space.

If either of you enjoys playing video games, writing, creating art or exercising, you may well need your own space to do this in private and so you do not disturb the rest of the household.

If you have a spare room or study room, this is the perfect place to set up what you need. You could even share the space but take turns with it, so you each get time to do your own thing in private.

This is particularly relevant if your partner isn’t a big fan of your hobby and would prefer you to do it in a separate room. It gives you the space to pursue your own interests while also not annoying your partner.

Maximise Storage

Storage is key to creating tranquil living environment, both for your home and your relationship. The shortage of space and storage within the home, can be a huge point of contention for couples when living together.

Especially for those who haven’t downsized with any of their possessions and if you’ve moved into your partner’s original home or vice versa.  

And if you don’t invest in some simple storage solutions, you could find yourselves trying to fit two people’s things into a room designed for one person. This is never going to work out and can cause arguments!

Consider putting an extra wardrobe in another room for clothes you might not wear as often, or store your out of season clothes/special occasion pieces elsewhere – Such as in the attic, under the bed or even that useful cupboard under the stairs.

This means you don’t necessarily have to get rid of these items, just swap them as you require them throughout the year.

And if you’re still struggling for space, then definitely opt for one with large cupboards and plenty of room for drawers to maximise storage – It could save you a great deal of fuss in the future and hopefully minimise any possession based arguments!


  • Maya Russell

    15th October 2016 at 7:35 am

    A good tip is to just cut out the clutter – get rid of stuff you don't really need or have not worn for years – then there is more space for all.

  • Samantha O’D

    16th October 2016 at 7:40 am

    Some useful tips, I need a good clear out and some more storage

  • Unknown

    18th October 2016 at 8:44 pm

    Very useful tips. Definitely cut out the clutter and only bring things with you which you will use xxx

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