My Boy’s New Bean Bag

26th June 2014
As a child I loved my beanbag. It was purple and orange and had giraffes on it, and I would sit on it for hours reading my books, playing with my toys or playing my SNES (still can’t find a better console by the way!).

And I will never forget how me and my sister would jump on them (hers was a dinosaur one), throw them at each other, or whilst arguing we occasionally shoved each other onto them too. Overall, you cannot fault a beanbag.

So when I was given the chance to review one (and GIVE ONE AWAY TOMORROW) I couldn’t help but imagine Chunk and Curly enjoying it like I used to.

When it arrived I was in shock; it came in the biggest parcel I’ve ever seen, and it put my little giraffe beanbag to shame.

The B-bag Mini-b beanbag is designed for children who “love to lounge” and it wraps around their body to make it the comfiest experience possible. It even uses their body heat to maintain the perfect temperature, and it’s water resistant!

Gorgeous Bean Bag

Most importantly, it’s easy to clean, so any food, paint or potty accidents will not lead me to having an anxiety attack for a change.

It comes in 11 colours, including some very funky vibrant ones that would be perfect for a child’s bedroom. I chose a dark chocolate colour to match my sofa, and as soon as I took it out of it’s bag Chunk would not leave it alone.

Great Carry Case

It has a handy strap at the top for when you want to lift it back into it’s carry case or simply move it somewhere else, and Chunk was having fun dragging it across the room, sitting his teddies on it, leaping onto it and seeing what positions he could get into on it. His favourites seemed to be getting it to look like an upright chair, and laying on it like a bed. I wont be surprised if some of his naps may end up being on that thing in front of one of his favourite films after a busy morning at nursery!

It even came with a little booklet to show the various ways you can sit and lay on it, and the bag adapts to those positions naturally. I was quite impressed and spent a bit of time on it myself, and the fact it could take my weight was a big plus to me!

I’ve got the feeling I may be digging out my SNES and reliving my youth on this new beanbag when Chunk’s in bed…

My New SNES Gaming Chair

It is quite expensive at £59.99, but I can see why, as the material is of very good quality, it’s quite large, and it has lots of clever features that make it stand out from your bog standard bean bag. Thick material is so important when it’s for a child, as jumping on it is one of their favourite things (and cleaning up miniscule polystyrene balls is one of my LEAST favourite things).

Check out the rest of the B-Bag range here.

I will be uploading a competition to win one beanbag in the colour of your choice tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled!

For the purpose of this review I was given one beanbag. No payment was received, and all opinions are honest and my own.

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