Desk Safari Fun Selfies!

24th June 2014
Yes I am that random…and especially in this horrible, humid heat I’ve gone a bit doolally, and here’s the proof!

This selfie is me and my good friend Eeyore attempting to look like we have penguin bodies- how did we do?

Oh Yes, Eeyore and I ROCK

I came across some fellow bloggers doing it, and noticed it was part of a competition with The iMums and 10 Zig, so thought I would put it to the test!

My toddler was very anti having to attempt to sit still with the laptop, preferring to instead bash the keys and look at the pictures of animals, so thought I would also share this photo I have combined, where we visited a Zoo and he had his picture taken with the same animal statue exactly one year apart (3 months and 15 months old). I think his safari selfie is far better than mine!

My Lil Man’s Grown So Much!

If you are interested in entering the competition, just click the badge below… wish me luck, I would love to win some Amazon vouchers right now as have some birthdays coming up to buy for!

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