• Our Second Holiday

    20th April 2013

    Is holiday the right word when you have kids? Most people associate holidays with rest and relaxation, well people that haven’t had kids yet, or have older or lazier children…

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  • Rainy Day Hell…

    14th April 2013

    I don’t know if it’s the same for everyone else, but cold, rainy days are my idea of a nightmare these days! My son seems to get cabin fever very…

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  • Single Parent Pessimist

    Why I’ve Created This Blog & My Rant on USELESS FATHERS!

    13th April 2013

    Some of you may recognise my rants, meltdowns, sarcasm or even occasionally crazy blog posts, and that is because I wrote ‘The Pregnant Pessimist’ blog last year throughout my rollercoaster of a…

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