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Promoting Self-Care This Christmas: A Review of the Christmas Wellness Box from Theenk Tea & 5% Discount Code

9th December 2020

Christmas can be hard for many people, but it may be even tougher this year after what we have all experienced.

Whilst Christmas is advertised as the happiest time of the year, full of love, joy and family, it isn’t that way for a lot of people.

Many don’t have friends or family to share it with. This can leave them feeling negatively about themselves because they don’t have what society sees at ‘the norm’.

Self care written in scrabble tiles

There are some who have bad memories of Christmas, where it was a time of trauma or loss at some stage of their life.

Mental health can be another factor for some people.

When mine is poor, I can struggle to function, let alone plan our Christmas.

With these factors in mind, thinking of ways to make life easier for those who find Christmas difficult is important.

The Christmas Wellness Box

The Christmas Wellness Box by Theenk Tea is a great gift for anybody who loves wellness or needs some self-care.

It’s the perfect pick me up for those who have felt anxious, overwhelmed or low this year (I think that’s most of us!).

The Christmas Wellness Box spread out on a table
Christmas Wellness Box

If someone you love is trying to take care of themselves and their mental health this is a lovely way to keep them motivated.

Similarly, it could help to kick-start someone into doing self-care if they’re finding it hard to set the wheels in motion.

The box has a range of gorgeous goodies designed to help the mind and body including:


Theenk Tea have an award-winning 21-day tea program which includes blends which help the brain to function at various times of day.

The tea contains herbal ootropics, adaptogens and gentle stimulants to help give your brain the support it needs to function.

There are three blends in the box for mornings, afternoons and evenings, and a brain-boosting eating plan guide.

Theenk Tea box open to reveal three different tea compartments
Theenk Tea


Bee Like A Bee have made therapeutic chocolate (oh yes that’s a thing) designed by a doctor and api-therapist.

The dark chocolate pralines support your immune system and give you an energy boost!

This wellness praline contains high quality bee products for natural goodness, royal jelly, propolis and apilarnil.

These ingredients have antibacterial, antivirus and anti-inflammatory properties, which can help balance the physiological effects of stress.

Bee Like a Bee praline chocolate bag and some of the chocolates next to it
Wellness Pralines


These turmeric capsules from True Veda are also a great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory which can help various health conditions.

I like these, because they use the whole goodness of the turmeric plant including Curcumin.

True Veda are a small, family business that use organic, high-class products for their products.

True Veda box of turmeric supplements on a table
Turmeric Supplements


LSW Mind Cards have included a six month wellbeing journal in the box.

The journal has exercises that help pinpoint thought & behaviour patterns, encourage daily gratitude and to increase positive wellbeing.

There are colouring pages, motivational exercises, probing questions and inspirational quotes each week to boost your wellbeing.

LSW Mind Notes journal on a table next to gold beads
LSW Journal

Aromatherapy Candle

Being able to smell beautiful scents can be great for relaxation.

An aromatherapy candle from Still Candles is part of the package.

There’s a choice from four scents including Quiet Light, Feeling’ Groovy, Radiate and Imagine.

They are non-toxic candles handmade in the UK from sustainable rapeseed wax and essential oils.

Still Joy Feelin' Groovy candle on a  table with gold beads next to it
Still Candles

Amethyst Crystal

A raw amethyst is also part of the package.

Crystal healing is a huge part of my self-care for so many reasons.

It can be soothing and therapeutic to wear crystals or simply have them around the home.

Purple amethyst is a protective and healing crystal that can be used for clearing negative thoughts.

Raw purple amethyst on a table.
Purple Amethyst

Christmas Card

A Christmas card that can be personalised with the words of your choice is also included.

There is even a positive affirmation which was a nice surprise!

A positive affirmation saying I speak and think gratitude on a cardboard box.
Affirmation Inside the Box

5% Discount Code* for the Christmas Wellness Box

This box contains products worth more than £132. and it’s currently on sale for £99.

For an extra 5% discount on these boxes, use the code Single5 (expires 31/12/20)*.

To arrive before Christmas, order by 22 Dec, but they can also be purchased until 31 Dec.

Daisies in a heart shape.

Is The Box Any Good?

I am so impressed with this box.

As somebody with both long-term mental health issues and chronic pain, I think it’s a lovely gift to receive.

The products are high quality, and I like their eco-friendly, recyclable packaging.

It covers the key elements with gifts that aid various parts of self-care, including body, mind and soul.

No payment was received for this post. All opinions are honest and my own.
*If the discount code is used I may receive a small commission.

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