Gadgets that Claim to Make Life Easier: Our Review

1st May 2020

So many gadgets claim to improve our lives, but do they really?

I’ve got a few ‘handy gadgets’ that are still boxed inside various cupboards since I got them years ago. I’m sure I’m not alone in this, and during some lockdown decluttering I’ve realised I only want things I will use.

I’ve recently been given some gadgets that claim to make life easier, so thought I’d test them to see if they’re staying or going in the charity bag…

Will These Gadgets Really Make My Life Easier?


The Braven Mini Portable Speaker (RRP £34.95) is apparently great for conference calls and music.

It claims to have a 12 hour playlife. To test this I turned it on the day we received it without charging it. I’ve so far managed to get over eight hours play from it and there’s no sign of the battery being low yet .

It’s easy to set up, as I connected it to my Bluetooth within seconds and it uses a USB-C charger. It’s really lightweight and comes with a cute little wristholder/handle lanyard.

It claims to be totally waterproof and is pictured on the box standing on a raft on the water. It’s floated in my bath, but I didn’t want to fully submerge it just in case!

Braven Mini Speaker

The sound can go quite loud which is great, but lacks in bass which is the only thing I would change.

I’m impressed with the quality of the speaker for the price, and it’s definitely not just staying in the box!

Power on the Go

The Mophie Powerstation Mini (RRP from £29.99) claims to be able to keep your devices charged in any part of the house, garden and on the go.

They come in a range of colours and I have the grey one which has a lovely fabric finish.

Mophie Powerstation Mini

The power pack features USB-C input/output, dual USB charge ports and is quite small and lightweight. My son mistook it for my phone as it’s the same shape and size, and it fits into a handbag easily for nights out!

The Power Pack is Small and Lightweight

I’m impressed with the power it gives for such a small pack. I can get four hours charge on a large tablet, six on my son’s smaller tablet and eighteen hours on a phone. This is handy when we are on long drives to see my partner or if we go for days out/ holidays that include long travel time.

Listening on the Move

The Airtime Sport Truly Wireless Headphones (RRP £44.99) claim to be perfect for your daily exercise and sweat resistant.

I’ve got funny shaped ears, meaning most earphones fall out whenever I try to insert them. These have an around-the-ear sport wing which ensures they stay on however hard you workout.

They’re lovely and light easy to put on and even easier to pair with my phone and music.

Airtime Sport Wireless Earbuds

They come with a compact charging case and within ten minutes you rather impressively have enough charge for one hour.

The earbuds also take phone calls, and there are touch controls to adjust volume, answer/end calls on each earpiece.

There is even a choice of four ear tips depending on the size you prefer.

Wireless means I don’t get tangled up whilst on my daily walk, and I won’t accidentally pull them off during exercise.

Aside from sport, these are handy for when I’m taking calls whilst working on my laptop; No more crooking my neck with a phone whilst trying to touch type!

Safe Entertainment for Kids

One of the best gadgets I’ve used in a while is the Pebble Gear Kids Tablet, which I’ve reviewed on this blog.

The parental controls are quick and easy to set up, including a timer for how long it can be used. This makes my life easier because it takes away the fight my son and I regularly have when it’s time to turn it off.

Pebble Gear Kids Tablet

The inbuilt safety features means I know he’s safe online and I don’t have to supervise his usage.

Did They Pass?

Ovwrall, all of these gadgets actually do make life easier in different ways.

Having a portable speaker is great for holidays, travelling and even just sitting out in the garden.

A power pack that’s easy to carry in your handbag helps when you’re phone battery’s running low when you’re out. It’s also great when your child’s tablet is running out whilst you’re in a waiting room!

Wireless earbuds that take calls- amazing for working whilst on calls and working out.

Tablets with inbuilt safety features to ensure your child is safe playing online games and watching videos.

These all get a tick in my book and I cannot wait to find more gadgets that help me too!

If you know of any, tell me in the comments below and I shall check them out.

These products were gifted to me. No payment was received and all opinions are honest and my own.


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