Ideas for Celebrating a Child’s Birthday During Lockdown

21st April 2020

Planning birthday celebrations for children is already tough, but during this Coronavirus lockdown it’s even harder.

Here’s how we celebrated my son’s birthday during lockdown, and some tips of other ideas you could use too!

My son turned eight during the second week of our isolation and I worried hugely about how I could make his day special in limited, difficult circumstances.

At that point lockdown wasn’t official, but as a vulnerable household we had to isolate fully.

I couldn’t just pop to the shops to buy toys and party food, so I had to do some planning and think outside of the box.

Birthdays for an Only-Child during Isolation

My son being an only child stuck in isolation is not ideal, especially when it comes to his birthday.

I didn’t want him to feel alone on his special day, so I contacted various people to see if they could do videos for him. He got some lovely messages from school peers, friends, family and even Ranger Stu on Instagram and Santa (using a free app).

My son had no idea I had collated them and seeing the smile on his face as he watched them all was priceless. He said it made him feel special, which he is.

Presents & Treasure Hunts

Thankfully I had already ordered and collected some presents a couple of weeks earlier. I was still able to buy some extra gifts online- places like Amazon and small independent shops are still delivering toys.

I had also already picked up his card, a badge and balloons. Balloons make a big difference as they brighten up the room and are fun to play with.

Balloons are Great Fun for Kids

The night before the big day I blew up balloons and hung them everywhere including in his bedroom for when he woke up. Weeks later we still have a couple of slightly squishy balloons left that he doesn’t want to part with!

I created a list of clues and hid all eight of his presents for him to find on birthday morning.

He loved this and it killed some time during our same old-same old isolation day.

My Birthday Treasure Hunt

Party Lunch

We made pizzas using the 2-ingredient recipe I have on this blog which was great fun. He loved picking his own toppings, rolling out the dough and it was a fun activity to do together.

Making Pizzas for Lunch

The afternoon was spent playing board games I bought for his birthday, and having video calls with his dad, my partner and a school friend.


After cooking the meal of his choice (lasagne), I made him a red velvet sponge cake which went down well.

He chose the flavour, and I found a recipe that worked with the little flour and eggs I had.

Unusually, because we couldn’t visit anyone the cake lasted for days instead of hours! I’m not complaining, although my stomach may well be…

Blowing Out His Candles

Lockdown Birthday Ideas

Here’s some ideas you could try if you have a loved ones birthday coming up during lockdown. Feel free to add more in the comments below!

  • Treasure Hunt with their birthday presents around the house/ garden
  • Making homemade cakes/ food with them for fun
  • Videos / Letters from peers, friends, family
  • Get the Christmas decorations out and decorate the whole house or make homemade party decorations
  • Have a picnic in the garden
  • Have a virtual party using Zoom, Houseparty or even WhatsApp
  • DIY Kids Pamper Party
  • Order balloons, banners, cake decals from online shops, do a little party buffet using whatever’s in your freezer
  • Have a home cinema experience with popcorn, films and comfy blankets
  • Have a gaming online party with friends
  • Find themed characters online who can send video calls, like Princess Elsa and Spidermans
  • Have a Nerf war
  • Make an assault course in the garden or inside
  • Camping in the garden
  • Have a sweetie station and mocktail bar
  • Dress up and have a role play day (Harry Potter, Superheroes, Princesses)
  • Play the classic party games- musical statues, pass the parcel, musical chairs, hide and seek
  • Arrange for family and friends to drive by at specific times to honk horns and wave from car windows
Sweetie Station is my Fave Idea!

No payment was given for this post- all opinions are honest and my own.


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