My Plight to Save Our Local Park

16th March 2016
Our local park is an absolute state and rather than sit and moan about it I’m trying to do something about it!

Chunk and I do our best to avoid the small, run down park as out of the nine pieces of equipment it has, three are broken and the rest (bar one) are for older children.

The council have replenished, resurfaced and repaired equipment in all of the other parks (I’ve seen documentation to prove this) but our park is the only one that has had no refurbishment.

So I’ve joined forces with another mum to try to urge the council to sort it out as our area is a very deprived part of Brighton which seems to be ignored constantly when funding is allocated.

If you want to sign my petition and find out more about the park issues check out my article for Brighton and Hove News here. 

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