Chunk’s Eczema Pyjamas by Skinnies

31st August 2014
As I’ve said in the past, my boy suffers from eczema and has done since he was a few weeks old. I noticed it immediately and took him to the GP that told me “babies get rashes” and after weeks of trying to convince the GP otherwise, I gave up (moved surgeries) and told my health visitor instead. She referred me to an eczema nurse who diagnosed the eczema as soon as I started taking his vest off.

Skinnies Eczema-Friendly Range
So for two and a half years he has had infant eczema and to this day I still don’t understand the pattern or triggers, but I do know that clothing and washing powder are two of the more obvious ones. I’ve always used non-bio wash powder and never changed the brand, and I have to cut the labels out of his clothes as these seem to cause eczema on his neck.

In the hot weather we have had recently his eczema has had a few flare ups in the common, sweatier places like the arm and leg creases, the neck and the groin. Night times can be bad because of the night sweats, so when I came across Skinnies, I got in touch to see if I could try out their silk pyjama range for eczema sufferers. 

Their silk clothing (for adults, children and babies) are made from an anti-irritant yarn and with a seam-free technology that means there is no friction to help ease eczema rashes occurring. They fit the body whilst letting the body breathe, and they contain an antimicrobial treatment. 
I was sent some shorts, a T shirt, long sleeved top and some leggings to try for Chunk, in blue and white. I took some before pictures of the back of his legs which had their usual rash, and then after a few days of using the pyjamas I took another photo (see below). It was hard to get a good shot, both due to Chunk not wanting to stand still and the flash annoying me, but I can tell you they really have helped. The rash was practically gone, so I didn’t have to use the steroid cream which I try to avoid using at all costs because it messed my sister’s skin up as a child (she has psoriasis). 
skinnies eczema clothes range
Skinnies Silk Pyjamas Have Helped Chunk’s Eczema

The silk range in my opinion is quite expensive, but they last for at least 50 washes according to their website, and if they help with your child’s eczema, then it is worth it for me. Thankfully I noticed on their website they also have tips on how to approach your GP to get their products on prescription, so for someone as broke as me it’s something I’m going to attempt to do!

They also offer eczema-friendly laundry products and viscose clothing.

I was kindly sent these pyjamas to review from Skinnies. No payment was received, so all views are honest and my own.

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  • Tracy Nixon

    8th September 2014 at 2:53 pm

    These sound fab! My older daughter suffers from eczema too so will take a look!

  • Arabella

    13th November 2014 at 7:34 am

    Natural fibres always seem to be the best. I used to have a little eczema on my arms which has now cleared but wearing anything "unnatural" like acrylics and nylons makes me itch as soon as I put it on so I always try and wear a cotton base layer (sounds like I'm going to climb a mountain :-)).

  • Natalie Crossan

    14th November 2014 at 1:06 am

    Ooh these look great, think my daughter may have eczema xx

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