• DIY / Upcycling: Revamping My Ottoman

    21st November 2015

    A couple of weeks ago I decided to upcycle my blanket box to match my bedroom, after being inspired by a new technique I saw on an upcycling Facebook page. It’s really simple, but the outcome (I think) is pretty stylish and bold!  Tutorial I used white chalk paint to coat the box lid and…

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  • DIY/ Upcycling: My Motivation Board

    4th May 2015

    In a bid to stop me snacking (going well so far!) I have been doing LOADS of upcycling projects in the last couple of weeks, so brace yourselves for a lot of DIY posts! My first is one that ties in quite nicely with my current weight loss targets, as I made a motivation board…

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  • DIY / Upcycling: A Shoerack

    1st November 2014

    The saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” has yet again been proved by yours truly. I visited my mother the other day and as I rolled up the drive I noticed her neighbour had left out an old, wooden shoe rack with their rubbish. It was still fully-functioning but just didn’t look too…

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  • DIY / Upcycling: My Small Hallway Table (Rustoleum)

    4th October 2014

    Upcycling some chest of drawers for Chunk last week with Rustoleum products has really inspired me to carry on upcycling other furniture in our home . I’ve already completed another project in just a couple of evenings whilst watching my soaps and thought I would show you! I have a small table in my hallway…

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  • DIY/ UPCYCLING: Revamping Old Chest of Drawers Inspired by Marvel

    1st October 2014

    One of the things that has caught my eye recently is upcycling furniture using chalk paint, and also using napkins or wallpaper to decoupage. I’ve learnt quite a bit about what are the better ways to do these things from the thousands of people who have posted their projects on the groups and by watching…

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