• DIY/ Upcycling: Decoupaging Vases

    13th August 2015

    I’m very new to decoupage, which is basically decorating things using ripped napkins, paper, wallpaper just like we did at school! However this is much more intricate and beautiful when done right, which is why I am still very much a beginner! I bought some vases and candles from a 99p store and used napkins…

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  • DIY/ Upcycling: Chunk’s Dinosaur Bedside Table

    29th April 2015

    Yes I’ve been at it again! Chunk has a bedside table that I was given a while back that he uses to put toys, books and his toy cash register on. It was very bland so I decided to get some wallpaper samples to liven it up. Chunk is a dinosaur-obsessed boy and has been…

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  • Upcycling: Spiderman Chest of Drawers

    24th February 2015

    As you may remember a little while ago I upcycled some chest of drawers using Marvel Comic characters for Chunk, and I’ve finally gotten around to upcycling his other set. This time I focussed solely on Spiderman, because Chunk is quite into this character at the moment. It was quite easy, all I needed was…

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  • DIY/ Upcycling: Sink Storage Unit

    1st January 2015

    When I got home one evening this week I noticed someone had left an under the sink storage unit next to the communal bin, so I saw a prime opportunity to do some more upcycling! It was a light wood colour, but also had a green tinge, so it was definitely in need of a…

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  • DIY / Decoupage: Halloween Candles

    13th October 2014

    As you know I’ve started to get the DIY and creative bug lately, making Marvel Comic chest of drawers and revamping coffee tables, and now I’ve started to attempt decoupaging glass! I have seen some stunning jars, vases and candles by many people on the net and they’ve inspired me to give it a go,…

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  • DIY / Upcycling: My Small Hallway Table (Rustoleum)

    4th October 2014

    Upcycling some chest of drawers for Chunk last week with Rustoleum products has really inspired me to carry on upcycling other furniture in our home . I’ve already completed another project in just a couple of evenings whilst watching my soaps and thought I would show you! I have a small table in my hallway…

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  • DIY/ UPCYCLING: Revamping Old Chest of Drawers Inspired by Marvel

    1st October 2014

    One of the things that has caught my eye recently is upcycling furniture using chalk paint, and also using napkins or wallpaper to decoupage. I’ve learnt quite a bit about what are the better ways to do these things from the thousands of people who have posted their projects on the groups and by watching…

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  • DIY / UPCYCLING: Mending My Toddler-Destroyed Headboard

    27th September 2014

    I’m still astounded by the damage and chaos a tiny toddler can cause within a matter of minutes seconds. Chunk was sitting on my bed quite peacefully and happily playing on his tablet and reading some books whilst I was hoovering the room, so I thought it was safe to run the hoover around the spare…

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