• Guest Post: Protecting Your Child During Divorce

    3rd February 2015

    Divorce has become a common thing these days and I know a lot of adults who were children of divorced parents. I’ve noticed that some of these adults went through some shocking times during their parents divorce mainly due to the lack of planning by their parents in how to help their children through such…

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  • My Interview With A Family Law Solicitor: Your Questions Answered

    8th January 2015

    As you know I recently made a Will to ensure my son’s birth father (aka Sperm Donor/SD) would have a much lesser chance of becoming the resident parent in the event of my death. Christmas can be an awful time for separated families, especially when it comes to working out who the children will spend…

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  • Why I’ve Had To Write A Will…aka Guardianship

    23rd December 2014

    Writing a Will is Vital for Lone Parents As all my loyal readers know, my son has not had contact with his sperm donor (aka SD) for quite some time for many reasons, including drug and alcohol addiction and also very selfish behaviour, lies and let downs when sober. Unfortunately I made the very daft…

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