• Clothes and Shoes Shopping Never Bores Me

    27th August 2016

    The last few days have been SO HOT you would think we were abroad! I’ve had to get some clothes that suit this climate and managed to find some great, affordable bits and wanted to share them with you! I came across MeandI, a Swedish clothing company that features women’s, baby and kids clothes. They’re…

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  • My Weight Loss Wish List

    12th August 2016

    I’ve Got 5 Stone To Shift Weight Loss Incentives I’m at the point of being so fed up with dragging this fat about that I’m trying to find ways to boost my motivation so I lose weight. Incentives seem to work for a lot of people, and rather than treating myself to a cake after…

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  • My Kidswear Summer Wish List

    3rd June 2016

    We’ve just returned from a lovely holiday in the sunshine so I’ve become inspired to shop for Chunk’s summer clothes. The wind and rain we came home to this week hasn’t put me off my quest to get him summer clothes, I just really hope he will get a chance to wear them though! I…

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  • Glamping Accessory Ideas

    7th June 2015

    Chunk and I have been given a great opportunity to go camping next weekend and because we only found out a couple of days ago I’ve been attempting to research what I need to take with me because I’ve not camped since I was a child! During my online search I came across lots of…

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