My Weight Loss Wish List

12th August 2016
Weight Loss Wish List
I’ve Got 5 Stone To Shift
Weight Loss Incentives

I’m at the point of being so fed up with dragging this fat about that I’m trying to find ways to boost my motivation so I lose weight.

Incentives seem to work for a lot of people, and rather than treating myself to a cake after a good week (which would be likely to start a bad week if I’m honest), I’m looking at food-free ways to treat myself as I shed the pounds.


This is one of my favourite ideas as before Chunk was born I would often have hot stone massages and reflexology. Now I’m broke and probably need those physical stress relievers more than ever!

I suffer with a bad back and knees so love the thought of a hot stone massage to focus on these areas so I will treat myself to one every time I lose half a stone.

Weight Loss Wish List
I Love Hot Stone Massages

Lingerie To Show Off The Curves

The Bloke seems to love my figure even as it is now, and has spent a lot of time trying to make me feel confident and beautiful. He believes the way I dress helps the way I see myself and to be fair he’s got a good point.

I feel more attractive when I wear clothes that accentuate my curves and certain styles of lingerie are brilliant at doing this, and obviously he loves it too!

As I start to lose a couple of stone I would love to treat myself to some gorgeous lingerie. Even wearing it under a dress for a night out can make you feel extra special and glamorous despite nobody being able to see it. I definitely need to start being proud of my body rather than hiding it away before I get too old and full or regret!

I love the lingerie range at House of Fraser as they have a good selection for all body shapes. My favourites are from the Bluebella range and include the Caterina, Angelina and Gia lingerie sets.

Bluebella Range and House of Fraser
Bluebella Range at House of Fraser

Once I had hit my target weight I would treat myself to a Bluebella Lola Body as it is just stunning. It’s got a full V fronted design which would look lovely paired with stockings. This is my ultimate goal so I may print a picture of it and stick it to my fridge for inspiration.

Treat For My Feet 

I’m thinking about getting some pretty sandals to enjoy the warm weather which is finally here, and I’ve come across some that are cute but also help with toning my body!

Jones Bootmaker have a couple of fit flop styles that I like, which are the Fitflop Lattice Surf Flip Flops and Fitflop the Skinny Flip Flops.

Jones Bootmaker Fitflops

Fitflops are designed with comfort in mind, so have special ergonomic midsoles and built-in arch contouring. They are leather-lined to allow your feet to breathe too.

So whilst they would be a treat for losing weight, they would also help tone up my body so these are definitely something that will be purchased, as long as I can find some in my huge size 10 footsize.

What would be on your weight loss wish list?

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  • Maya Russell

    5th October 2016 at 6:04 am

    Giving yourself treats is a good way to keep you on track. I think I'd go shopping for something nice for myself- not sure what.

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