• Why We Need The Spice Girls For This Generation’s Young Girls

    10th July 2016

    I cannot believe that this week 20 years ago the Spice Girls released their first single Wannabe. TWENTY YEARS!? Where has this time gone? Image from Usmagazine.com I was eleven years old and about to finish my final year at primary school when this came out and this group literally changed my whole perspective on…

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  • I Nearly Lost My Mum This Month

    26th November 2015

    “You were at deaths door a couple of weeks ago, but we couldn’t tell you that because we didn’t want you to give up the fight.”

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  • My Traumatic Fortnight

    7th November 2015

    You may (or may not) have noticed that I’ve been very quiet on here lately, and that’s because so much stuff is happening in my life at the moment which has been crazy. I feel the urge to offload so this may be a long one! Let’s start with nan. I adore the woman to…

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  • My Spiritual Lightbulb Moment

    19th March 2015

    Whilst celebrating Mother’s Day this weekend, I couldn’t help but think about all of the people who find that one of the worst days of the year because they no longer have their mum. I remember when I was 15 I realised, like all teenagers, that we are not immortal and one day I would…

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