• Neuro Linguistic Programming for Single Parents

    8th July 2015

    NLP is something I’ve dabbled in often during my working and personal lives. It is a pretty clever way of ‘tricking’ or ‘reorganising’ the brain to think about things in different, more positive ways. Paul McKenna uses it a lot in his books and hypnosis and I’ve been fortunate enough to read two new books…

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  • Toddler Tantrums SUCK

    15th May 2014

    Chunk has always had the occasional strop, even when he was teeny, and people always use the phrase: “Wait until he hits the terrible twos!” but I was never phased as I felt I already experienced the full wrath of Chunk, but OH NO! What I find so odd is that literally days after he…

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  • Boy squashing face

    The Tantrum From Hell…HELP!

    17th July 2013

    I only worked a half-day today, and had spent a lovely morning with my son; – We went to a playgroup, saw Nanny and then I went to work. But whilst I was away somebody swapped my child for the spawn of Satan!

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