#TAKEPART 2013 Family Day

25th June 2013
So it was yet another rainy morning on Saturday, and my two toddlers
(my Chunk and his 2 year old cousin who I shall call Curly) were tearing about
the place, desperate to be released into the big outdoors to release their
pent-up energy.
As soon as the weather started to clear at lunchtime, I
desperately Googled local family events in the hopes of finding somewhere we
could go (there’s only so many times you can go to your local park!).
I came across a free family event called
TakePart 2013, ran by the local council’s sports development team.
TAKEPART is a national celebration
of community sports and activities, and this year runs 22nd June-
7th July. Its aim is to encourage families and friends to have fun
and get active.

The event was set in
one of our largest parks, and the kids loved being able to just run free in the
vast space surrounding the event.
There were 22 different zones, in what was described by the
day’s organisers as “the biggest collection of family sport activities in the
city ever” which included an adventure zone (included a climbing tower and
orienteering challenge),a disabled children and adults zone, bike, football,
Skating, bowls, golf zones and even a health & wellbeing zone that included
diet advice.

The small play zone for
under 8’s included mini football, yoga and storytelling and a play bus, but the
boys seemed more interested in watching the performances on the Community Stage,
which featured street dance and Zumba dancing.
Takepart 2013 brighton

Curly got up and had a little dance with me, whilst Chunk sat in
his buggy, mesmerised with the street dance routines. This made me happy, as I’ve LOVED street dance for many years and already dream of getting
Chunk into dance classes.

There were stalls advertising sports clubs, and to my
surprise there is a local dance class (Diddi Dance) for toddlers (most I find
are for age 3 and above), so I may get my dream faster than I thought!
The boys loved playing with the toy golf
sets, but at one stage Curly started to run riot in the zone and nearly copped a
few golf balls in the face- thankfully they were all soft balls!
Takepart 2013 brighton hove
They also loved trying to kick footballs
into the goal nets, and from my point of view, I think footie will be a great
way for Chunk to be around some positive male role models, and he can improve
his fine motor skills (foot/eye coordination), so I signed him up for a free
session at ‘Little Dribblers’.

in all, the boys had a great time and I liked being able to see what activities
the city has to offer for toddlers, so it was well worth it!
The boys were spark out in the car within
minutes of leaving too, which is always an indication that they’ve had a good

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