• Food Review: 7-Day Boost Your Energy Diet

    1st February 2014

    Did you know gluten can make you feel tired, bloated and give you stomach pain? Gluten is a glue-like substance that has no nutritional value, and lots of people are sensitive to its effects. When I found this out, I decided to try a week-long gluten free diet to see if I noticed a difference.…

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  • Returning To The Dating Game: My Dating Challenge!

    28th January 2014

    Can you believe I’ve been set a challenge to find three dates in the next three months?! As you all know, I’ve been single since Chunk was 6 weeks old (nearly two year ago…EEK!) and I finally feel ready to try to meet a decent guy for both me and my little man. Online dating…

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  • Working Single Parents: I NEED YOU!

    18th January 2014

    As it’s a new year, I thought I would spruce this blog up a bit by featuring some interviews from you lovely people! I’m looking for working single parents for a new monthly post I’m calling, ‘Single Parent Spotlight’. I want to find out how they manage work, children and a social life, highlight the…

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  • Learning To Love Your Body: Guest Post by Body Confidence Campaigner, Leyah Shanks

    2nd January 2014

    Cosmopolitan UK have featured an article about a body confidence campaign in their Feb 2014 issue, which got me thinking about how little I feel about my own body at the moment, and that dieting won’t necessarily be the complete answer to my problem.  The gorgeous Body Confidence Campaigner featured in the article is Leyah…

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  • The Lead Up To Xmas…Diet’s On Hold!

    15th December 2013

    10 day until Xmas… where has the time gone?! Like most people, I prefer the lead up to Xmas rather than the actual day, which is over quickly after boring TV and too much food. Now I have Chunk, Xmas has much more meaning to me, and it’s so hard to believe that this time…

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  • CSA Charging Single Parents to Claim Maintenance: Sign the Petition to STOP THIS!

    29th November 2013

    It’s hard enough trying to cope with your ex not financially supporting your child, and there’s even more stress when having to use the CSA to try and get this money from them, but now the government want to charge us single parents for doing this! Lots of single parents rely on the Child Support Agency (which is changing it’s…

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  • My Weight Loss Journey: Week 2

    1st November 2013

    This week I was my usual, unorganised self, so didn’t manage to download my shopping list or the recipes for the menu plan before I did my weekly shop. However, I just pretty much stuck to the previous week’s plan, because I had some leftover ingredients, and I quite enjoyed what I got to eat!…

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  • Competition: Win One of Five 12-Week Diet Plans!

    25th October 2013

    When I was pregnant, I ate like an elephant; An ADULT elephant. I then had the baby and have spent the last 19 months in a sleep-deprived haze, using junk food as a quick energy fix and alternative to planned, time-consuming home made meals. This now has to stop, as my “baby weight” excuse wears…

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  • My Weight Loss Diary: Week 1

    20th October 2013

    As you all know, I’ve been trying to wean off junk food and snacking in an attempt to have a healthier way of life. I still have a lot of baby weight (well that’s what I’ve been calling it), but he’s nearly 19 months old now, so it’s more like lazy-mum weight! My old, gorgeous clothes keep staring at me from behind the fat…

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  • Weaning Off Junk Before My Diet Starts: My Healthy Snack Search

    4th October 2013

    I’ve been attempting to wean myself off my bad (but oh so good) foods in the last week, in preparation for my attempt at a professionally created diet, which starts next week. During my weaning, I’ve been frantically researching healthier things I can eat to keep me from reaching for the bread, cakes or cereal…

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