The Lead Up To Xmas…Diet’s On Hold!

15th December 2013
The Lead Up To Xmas10 day until Xmas… where has the time gone?!

Like most people, I prefer the lead up to Xmas rather than the actual day, which is over quickly after boring TV and too much food.

Now I have Chunk, Xmas has much more meaning to me, and it’s so hard to believe that this time last year he was a 9-month-old who had only just learnt to stand up against furniture; Now he’s a walking, running, jumping, climbing toddler maniac that understands everything I say, but refuses to always listen!

My diet had been going so well, but in the lead up to Xmas, I’ve been far too tempted by all the amazing goodies in the shops- those damn chocolate coins have got me this year!

For some reason I have been in Xmas mode all month, as opposed to just during Xmas week, so have been thinking it’s ok to eat what I want all the time! Big mistake, because now I feel the size of a house- I caught my reflection yesterday and got the shock of my life!

The Lead Up To XmasRather than my lovely, curvy bum, it’s just big and fat, and don’t get me started on my tum and thighs! For some reason I just cannot get motivated, and I’m assuming it’s because I’m surrounded by luxurious Xmas food whenever I go shopping; It’s like surrounding an alcoholic with wine for me at the moment!

Despite this, I am going to sort it out (broken record!) as I am sick of embarrassing myself on here and to my family! My old clothes need to be worn, especially as I’ve now done a brave (or stupid) thing, by resigning from my job to go freelance- I can no longer afford new clothes!

Any tips on re-motivating myself to lose weight would be much appreciated- will keep you posted!

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