• Diet Chef: Week 1

    25th September 2014

    As you are WELL aware I’ve been up and down with my weight for most of my life, and this has escalated since being a single mum. Recently I have started to do a little exercise again which has been great as I had forgotten how great the endorphins can feel afterwards, and this has…

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  • My 4-Day Juice Detox Experience

    11th May 2014

    Juicing seems to be a huge phenomenon at the moment, as it’s constantly in the magazines and newspapers as many celebrities seem to be affiliated with many of the huge range that are currently on the market. I’ve always been in two minds about doing it, because I have read that whilst they can help…

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  • #Claires40days

    5th March 2014

    After eating lots of Pancakes yesterday from my recipe, I started to think back to when I was at primary school and how we celebrated it, and then gave things up for lent. I went to a CofE school, so we had assembly and prayers everyday, and we would bring in cans of food for lent to give to…

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  • Food Review: 7-Day Boost Your Energy Diet

    1st February 2014

    Did you know gluten can make you feel tired, bloated and give you stomach pain? Gluten is a glue-like substance that has no nutritional value, and lots of people are sensitive to its effects. When I found this out, I decided to try a week-long gluten free diet to see if I noticed a difference.…

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  • How Food Additives Can Affect Child (and Adult!) Behaviour

    24th January 2014

    Does your child have a lot of tantrums? Are they addicted to certain foods? Are they moody, aggressive or argumentative? Do they dominate other children during play?  Are they good, then difficult, then good constantly?

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  • Learning To Love Your Body: Guest Post by Body Confidence Campaigner, Leyah Shanks

    2nd January 2014

    Cosmopolitan UK have featured an article about a body confidence campaign in their Feb 2014 issue, which got me thinking about how little I feel about my own body at the moment, and that dieting won’t necessarily be the complete answer to my problem.  The gorgeous Body Confidence Campaigner featured in the article is Leyah…

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  • The Lead Up To Xmas…Diet’s On Hold!

    15th December 2013

    10 day until Xmas… where has the time gone?! Like most people, I prefer the lead up to Xmas rather than the actual day, which is over quickly after boring TV and too much food. Now I have Chunk, Xmas has much more meaning to me, and it’s so hard to believe that this time…

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  • My Weight Loss Journey: Week 2

    1st November 2013

    This week I was my usual, unorganised self, so didn’t manage to download my shopping list or the recipes for the menu plan before I did my weekly shop. However, I just pretty much stuck to the previous week’s plan, because I had some leftover ingredients, and I quite enjoyed what I got to eat!…

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