Returning To The Dating Game: My Dating Challenge!

28th January 2014
Can you believe I’ve been set a challenge to find three dates in the next three months?!

As you all know, I’ve been single since Chunk was 6 weeks old (nearly two year ago…EEK!) and I finally feel ready to try to meet a decent guy for both me and my little man.

Online dating company, Just Singles, have set me the fun (but terrifying) task to try three different ways to get dates. One date will be through signing up to their online dating site, and I’ve chosen to go speed dating as the second task, which will give me multiple dates in one evening!

I’m stuck on what to do as my third thing though, so any ideas would be much appreciated! My friend found love recently on Twitter of all places, so I want to look into how easy/difficult that would be to attempt. Ideally, I want to do something completely out of the box that people don’t usually think would be a way to find dates.

I’m hoping this will force me to get back out into the big, wide world and start trying to rebuild the confidence I lost through my last break up. I’m determined to make this year a positive one for me and Chunk, so getting back into the dating game, and starting to feel like a woman (rather than just mum) makes this challenge worth it; And if I met a gorgeous, lovely guy, that’s just an amazing bonus!

To get 25% off when you sign up to Just Singles, click here.

To keep up to date with my dating challenge,  and search the hashtag #3dates3mths that I’ll be using when writing about it!

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