• I’m A Date-Free Zone And Here’s Why…

    17th January 2015

    If you remember, I became quite the playa last summer and this lasted until Christmas, but something has recently changed… I suddenly have no interest to date. At all. Seriously! Now don’t get me wrong I had a great time dating various guys, some were just for fun and others had potential, but now I…

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  • Single (Parent) In The City: My New Monthly Feature for BrightonMums.com

    19th April 2014

    After my fun journey of #3dates3mths dating recently, BrightonMums.com have now asked me to write a monthly feature about my dating experiences as a single parent. Single (Parent) In The City will feature details of my love life (or lack of), as well as give me space to talk about my views on dating in…

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  • #3dates3mths Challenge 3: Vegetarian Dating

    9th April 2014

    I’m currently taking part in the #3dates3mths challenge, set by online dating company, Just Singles and this is my final challenge (sob!). I’m going to miss doing this very much, because it has forced me to get off my sofa and finally start dating since my son’s father left when he was 6 weeks old. It has given me…

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  • #3dates3mths Challenge 2: Online Dating

    23rd March 2014

    As you know, I’m currently taking part in the #3dates3mths challenge, set by online dating company, Just Singles.My first challenge (safari dating) went really well, and I ended up getting a further date from it (but that’s a future post!). The event reminded me what it feels like to be admired and fancied- and oh boy how I’ve…

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  • #3dates3mths Challenge 1: Safari Dating

    23rd February 2014

    Signing up for online dating recently has really given me the courage to try new, more daring ways to find my next man (or should I say victim). This weekend I tried something I’ve never heard of before: Safari Dating. The concept is that the men ‘hunt’ the women, by finding them in three different bars, and…

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  • 25% Online Dating Discount for My Readers!

    9th February 2014

    As you know, I’;m currently taking part in the #3dates3mths challenge, set by online dating company, Just Singles. As a thank you to me, they have given you, my gorgeous readers, a 25% discount to use their dating site! They have so many different sub-sites for specific types of dating, including single parents (which I’m…

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  • Returning To The Dating Game: My Dating Challenge!

    28th January 2014

    Can you believe I’ve been set a challenge to find three dates in the next three months?! As you all know, I’ve been single since Chunk was 6 weeks old (nearly two year ago…EEK!) and I finally feel ready to try to meet a decent guy for both me and my little man. Online dating…

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