#3dates3mths Challenge 3: Vegetarian Dating

9th April 2014
I’m currently taking part in the #3dates3mths challenge, set by online dating company, Just Singles and this is my final challenge (sob!). I’m going to miss doing this very much, because it has forced me to get off my sofa and finally start dating since my son’s father left when he was 6 weeks old. It has given me the confidence and motivation I needed to get back into the dating world, and to not be scared of putting myself out there as a single parent. I have loved every minute of it and only wish it were longer!

My first challenge (safari dating) went really well, and I ended up getting a further date from it, and I tried out online dating for my second challenge, which led to some rather interesting encounters to put it mildly!

So for the third and final challenge, I came across something I had never heard of before when I visited VegFestUK, called Vegetarian Dating.  Veggie Vision hosted a veggie speed dating event at the festival, so I signed up to see what it’s like!veggievisiondating.comThe idea is you are supposed to be a vegetarian or a vegan, and you get the chance to meet other like-minded singletons in a speed dating setting.

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I have to make a little confession… I’m not vegan or veggie, but I was desperate to find out whether the men with those eating habits were any different, so I had to tell a little porkie! Truth be told, during the session I was worrying that the guys could smell the Big Mac I had eaten before going in there on my breath! I’m such a rebel aren’t I?!
However, the lovely glass of vegetarian prosecco we got given must have masked my naughtiness!
To be honest, I’m not sure how I feel about only dating people with the same diet as you- I eat meat, but I would have no problem in dating a vegan or vegetarian, because it’s just food. I wouldn’t expect them to cook meat for me, and they wouldn’t make me attempt a dairy or meat free existence (unless they had a death wish).
However, when I went to the session, I began to understand why this sort of dating might be needed, because some of the participants were what I call ‘preacher vegans’ and spent their 3 minutes with me going on and on about how amazing vegan life is and wanting to spread the word, so I can imagine they would only want to date people who were on their ethical ‘vibe’. Can you imagine their faces if I had told them what I had eaten for lunch that day?!
But thankfully those were the minority of this session, and most were just there to get to know the people and find some dating potential. A couple of them even admitted to me they were meat eaters, which meant I could then admit the same! One even called himself a part time veggie, as he would eat meat at weekends!
This made me feel a lot less guilty about being there, and I felt less of an intruder!

There were 20 girls and 20 guys, and unlike most speed dating events that use tables, the girls were put in a large circle, and the men were then put in a circle inside this circle, so they were sitting opposite us in close proximity. I found this uncomfortable to begin with, so understand why a lot of companies use tables, as it’s something to almost hide behind.

Once we got started, it became a lot easier though, and Karin (the host) even gave us a list of random questions to ask each other if we ever got stuck, which is always useful when you have a date with someone that bores the life out of you (thankfully there was only a couple of them!).
Can you see me?!
The only odd thing about the event was that there was no age limit- I dated men from the age of 21 to about 55 during that one hour- usually they are in 20-30, 35-45 type categories. In some ways I liked this, because it meant I got to meet people I usually wouldn’t, because age is just a number after all, or so they say.
Out of the 20 men, there were 3 that I liked, 1 of which forgot to hand his form in at the end, so I will never know if I got a match with him!
I have made a match with one of the guys though, and was given his email address today, so if any further dates happen, I will of course be writing about them! The only thing that may be an issue is admitting that I’m a meat eater, but if you like someone enough, your diet, religion, clothes choice etc should really not even come into it.
Overall, I didn’t notice any difference in men with veggie diets to the men I’ve dated in the past, but it’s only a diet preference so I would have been very shocked if I had found a difference!
If you want to try out Just Singles, I have a 25% discount for you lucky readers, and to join Veggievision Dating, you can get a free upgrade if you mention my blog! 

For the purpose of this review, I was given 6 months free membership to Just Singles dating website. Veggie dating was free during VegFestUK. I received no payment for this post, and all views are honest and my own.

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