You may be wondering why I have been so quiet this week, or you may just be grateful for the silence!

Either way, I feel the need to have a gentle rant about it 🙂 I did a two hour visit to a client I am currently assessing last week, and I took my laptop to write it up directly (already spend all night working whenever Chunk’s asleep so cannot squeeze anymore work time in!) and when I got home the laptop would not switch on. AT ALL. 
So after a mini breakdown, I took it to a computer shop and was told they would look at it tomorrow. 
I called them countless times the next day as I hadnt heard from them, and then at the end of the day they decided there was something wrong with a connector inside, so it would cost £85 to fix. I’ve always heard those little places can take the Michael, so was dubious but agreed as I was desperate to be able to get on with my work. 
They said it would take three days, yes THREE DAYS to order the part and get it sorted. I waited patiently during those three days and on the day I yet again hassled them time and time again to find out it would be ready. At the end of the day they called and said it is not fixable after all. 
ARGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH so I’m thinking their “qualifications” are quite basic when it comes to computing, but I’m aware the big, national shops cost an arm and a leg just to diagnose the issue! 
Thankfully they managed to retrieve my work, but to get anything else from the laptop I would have to pay them, so I declined and just hoped I have the files located elsewhere! I then ordered one of the cheapest (but positively reviewed) laptops which I collected yesterday, to notice it is a lot slower and tinier than described! 
It is more like a netbook, and even simple things like trying to use my email was very slow and froze a couple of times, so I knew I couldn’t work using that without having a nervous breakdown. 
So I have just scoured the internet again for a laptop and have ordered one that is hopefully arriving on Monday, with the very helpful timeslot of 7am to 8pm…DONT GET ME STARTED! 
I also have to take back this net, I mean notebook back to the shop this weekend too, and in the meantime I am using ancient computers to attempt to continue to get my work done before my very imminent deadlines! 
So needless to say blogging has been a virtual impossibility, but fingers crossed from next week I might hopefully have a half decent computer that will let me check my emails and write word documents without freezing or blowing up. 
Oh darn I’ve just realised I didn’t check whether it even has microsoft office on it, seeing as they now charge a fortune just for us to type on Word! Hmmm, more money I’m going to have to try to find out of thin air, not easy when you havent been paid since February (the joys of self employment I’m sure will be another upcoming post!). 
I hope your weeks have been a lot more positive and successful than mine, and I will hopefully be writing again soon! 🙂 
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