Top Tips for Getting the Best Tyres for Your Family Car

14th October 2015
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Keeping the family run
around on the road should not take too much time or be too much of a hassle,
but all too often it is. Family cars are often not given the attention that is
lavished on performance or vintage cars and we can take them for granted, a little.
Ensuring that your car is cleaned once in a while, has its oil changed
regularly and sometimes gets a tank
of premium fuel will
help the overall performance of the vehicle, but many of us overlook the
importance of tyres. Tyres are an essential part of your family car, so get the
best ones you can afford.

1. Avoid Part Worn Tyres: When
buying new tyres to replace worn down ones, don’t always opt for the cheapest
ones that are available. Although deals on part-worn tyres can seem economical,
it is a good idea to avoid them altogether. This is not just because used tyres
often wear down at a quicker rate than new ones, meaning you have to fork out
more money in the long run, but because part-worn tyres can be unsafe after
only a little usage. Street legal tyres may soon not be compliant if you hit a
pothole or have to brake suddenly to avoid a hazard in the road.

2. Reliable Tyre Dealers: When
shopping around, opt for a dealership with genuine national coverage. 
Reliable car tyre dealers, such as Point S dealers in UK tend
to be able to offer you the best deals on family car tyres because they buy in
Point S dealers and often have promotions they can offer from
brands such as
Michelin, Continental and Bridgestone. Additionally,
you should be able to reserve your choice of tyres online, without having to
pay upfront. Your tyres can then be delivered to your local outlet ready for
you to collect, with no additional charges.

3. Tyres’ Compatibility: The law
states that all of the tyres of a car need to be compatible with one another.
So long as the tyre or tyres you buy are compatible, then there is no need to
have four of the same model. Indeed, you can run tyres from four different
manufacturers, if you so wish. When buying a pair of new tyres, consider going
for a premium brand. You will often find that they last longer, helping you to
save money in the long term. However, you should also consider the additional safety
implications of better quality tyres which will help you to stop more quickly,
when needed, and also to disperse more water in rainy conditions, helping you
to maintain good traction on the tarmac.

4. Nitrogen Inflation: Consider
inflating your tyres with 
, not air. This gas is less corrosive because there is no moisture in
it. Nitrogen also has a slower rate of deflation that normal air, so you have
to fill them up less frequently – a great thing for anyone with a busy family
life with limited time to spend on their car.

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