Valentines Gift Ideas For Men

27th February 2020

Can you believe that the gushy, romantic, overpriced day is upon us again already?! 

I’ve always struggled with Valentine’s Day, as it has become so commercialised over the years, but I do love the sentiment that it’s about showing people how special they are to you as it’s easy to forget to do that sometimes.

The Current Receiver of My Gifts (and me)

Buying for men isn’t easy for me. Most women love the cliche chocolates, flowers and jewellery, but what are the go-to gifts for men? As the date has been approaching I’ve been having a little look into it and here’s what I’ve come up with so far. Feel free to add some more ideas in the comments below!

My Valentine Gift Ideas for Him

Pamper Him

Pampering is not just for women. My man loves looking after himself when he gets the time, which has included chilling in the bath with a face mask on. 

He tends to suffer with sensitive skin after shaving, so I’ve managed to find a new range of products from Gillette, called SkinGuard Sensitive. 

The SkinGuard Sensitive Razor is designed for sensitive skin and has special guards and extra lubrication to minimise skin tugging and pulling during the shave. When it’s used with their SkinGuard Sensitive Shaving Gel there’s even better results apparently. 

To finish it off, I’ve found Kalme Undercoat which is a cream designed to desensitise the area after shaving by reducing the nerve response to the irritation caused by shaving. It can also act as an undercoat when using other skincare products like daytime moisturiser, including one I’ve found or sensitive skin. Calypso’s Sensitive Face and Neck Lotion also protects you from UVA rays which occur even during the winter. This cream is also great for your kids as it’s SPF 50!

Skin Creams for Sensitive Skin

Some Gifts Don’t Cost a Thing

There’s plenty of things that we can do to show our love for someone that doesn’t cost any money. I often research recipes to cook a special meal for him that I think he would like, as the thought and time it takes to make something from scratch can mean a lot to him. 

Running him a bath with candles and chilled music, sending him sweet messages/ poems/ love letters to show him you’re thinking about him and even writing your initials in the sand can all make him feel loved and really special. 

Sending a Text Like This Has Shown Him I’m Thinking of Him

Using your imagination and creating a space to do something like a romantic stroll in a beautiful setting can be lovely, and there’s also somewhere else you can use your imagination which takes me to my next idea…

It’s a Leap Year…

Legend has it that a nun complained to St Patrick that women have to wait too long to be proposed to, so they made a deal that every leap year women could propose on that day. It’s a leap year ladies, so how about you give it a go?

 Trend Him have a great selection of titanium rings for men which are a nice price (many around £40) and they can even be engraved for a personal touch. 

My favourite is the Unique Wire Titanium Ring as it’s simple, yet elegant. 

Will He Say Yes?!

If you don’t want to propose, they are still a romantic gift you could get for Valentines. Trend Him also have a huge range of other accessories for men, including some gorgeous hats, suit accessories and wallets that would also make great gifts.

Any Other Ideas?

Feel free to put your ideas in the comments below as I’m always on the lookout for more! 

No payment was received for this post. Some of the products within this post were gifted for the purpose of this review. All opinions are honest and my own. 

Some of the product links listed are to my Amazon shop- if items are purchased I would receive a small commission. 


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