A Virtual Party with Moonpig

27th May 2020

Last week I was invited to a virtual lockdown event hosted by Moonpig, and it’s the first online party I’ve ever been to.

It was for around thirty bloggers who I got to meet virtually, whilst having masterclasses in cocktail making, flower arranging and card design.

Lockdown has been hugely isolating for me, and most people, so it felt strange to be in a virtual room with so many people.

I felt quite shy initially, but as we were welcomed and I scanned through to look for bloggers I recognised, I began to get into it.

Just Some of the Bloggers at the Party!

Card Design

The first class was in card design. Jasper from Moonpig talked us through their app and some of the clever features it’s got. These include setting notifications for upcoming birthdays and anniversaries to ensure you don’t forget!

My favourite feature was being able to select cards and use an AR view by scanning a surface in your home and seeing it’s true-to-life size on that surface in 3D.

Some of the new features are only for IOS at the moment. but they’re working on making them available for Android too soon.

Jasper showed us how quick and easy it is to create a card, and we then did it ourselves. I made birthday cards for my niece and nephew and was surprised at how it only took a few clicks.

There’s many designs, including Covid designs, to show people you’re thinking of them during lockdown. You can personalise many of the cards with names and images. I’m definitely going to use it again for the upcoming Father’s Day!

My Moonpig Card Designs

Cocktail Masterclass

James from Mix & Twist then held a cocktail masterclass, which was my favourite bit! Using gin that Moonpig sell we made three different cocktails; Gin Garden, Elderflower Collins and Strawberry Gimlet.

The Cocktail Making Kit I Used

There’s a lot more to a decent cocktail than I realised, even down to ice. I didn’t know that the more ice you use it doesn’t water it down. Instead it keeps it at such a cool temperature that the alcohol strength is maintained.

Elderflower Collins

It was interesting to learn about the different tools you can use- a Mexican Elbow crushes the limes and lemons into shot cups, and the flat end of the spoon can crush fruit to release flavours.

My favourite cocktail was the Strawberry Gimlet. It was so refreshing, tasty and something I will do again on a hot day to enjoy in the garden.

Strawberry Gimlet

Flower Arranging

Roxanne from Moonpig held the flower arranging class. Moonpig sell a gorgeous range of bouquets and I was sent the Luxury Rose and Peony Bouquet.

Having a nan who used to be a florist I already knew handy tips like cutting the stems at a diagonal to help them get the water they need, but I did pick learn some useful decorative tips.

Foliage can really enhance the flowers, so where you place it in the arrangment is key.

It’s cray how something as small as sending someone flowers van actually give them such a mood boost.

When I got these in the post it did give me a lift. Everyday since whenever I come into the dining room and see them on the table it makes me smile. Never underestimate flowers!

My Luxury Rose & Peony Bouquet

Party Success

All in all I had a great time. It was great to see and hear other people even if it was on a screen, and yes at times I had to parent during it, but I still got to have fun.

I totally recommend trying to have a virtual party whilst in this lockdown, or with people who live far away. Doing things like making cocktails or mocktails is a fun way to interact with those you miss!

The flowers, cards and cocktail kit were gifted from Moonpig to use during the virtual party. No payment was received. All opinions are honest and my own.


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