Why I Now Have A Water Filter

18th December 2014
I live in a hard water area, but due to spending my life since having a baby living on tea and coffee it’s never been an issue. But my carpet cleaning guy randomly got into a conversation with me recently about water and he said that he would never drink water that’s not filtered anymore due to the amount of chemicals and hormones that are left in the water these days.


So I didn’t need much convincing and decided to get a water filter, because Chunk mainly drinks cold water and I suddenly started panicking about what I’ve possibly done to my child for the two and half years he has been drinking the stuff.

Aqua Optima Clarion Jug
Aqua Optima Clarion Jug

I now have an Aqua Optima Clarion Jug which filters out the white particles of sediment you can get in hard water areas, as well as the oily layer you can get at the top of your drink. The taste of chlorine that can happen (some water companies use disinfectant that causes this) is removed by the filter, as well as any impurities such as lead, aluminium, pesticides, and herbicides are reduced.

I didn’t realise that boiling water doesn’t get rid of these, which has been something I’ve assumed since science lessons at school!

The filter is really simple to set up and use, as all you need to do is wash out the new filter and then fill the jug a couple of times and hey presto!

The filters need to be changed monthly and there is even a free app on the Aqua Optima website which you can download which reminds you when to change it, so if you’re anything like me this comes in very handy.

I’ve noticed that the water tastes a lot better now we use this, and I even use it in my kettle, so I totally recommend it especially if you live in a hard water area like me.

I was sent the Aqua Optima Jug to test and review. No payment was received and all opinions are honest and my own. 

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  • prwilson

    19th December 2014 at 12:15 am

    No harm in it. British water is some of the highest quality in the world though.

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