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I have taken omega 3 since I was a teenager and whenever I’ve forgotten to buy some I do find it really affects my concentration especially in the afternoons!

Chunk has taken vitamin drops since he was a baby and I’ve always chosen ones with Omega 3 added, but a couple of weeks ago my usual brand was nowhere to be seen in the supermarket.

I looked at fish oil chewable capsules but they all had sweeteners in which I try to avoid as they have so many nasty long term effects.

I then came across these BIOmega-3 supplements which can be swallowed, chewed or crushed. 
They can help brain and eye development in young children and can even help maintain normal functioning of the heart.

This brand has no sweeteners or artificial flavours and has toxins removed. It even has a natural lemon flavouring to help children take it.

I’m pleased that I found these as I really didn’t want him to stop having these fish oils as he isn’t a great fan of fish dishes much to my disappointment!


Three of my readers can each win a box of these supplements simply by filling in the form below, good luck!

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