Healthy Eating Update & Tips I’ve Learnt Along the Way

2nd December 2019

If you have been following me for a while, you will know about my battle with my weight. I love food and hate exercise, which is the worst combination!

I was recently diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, which is way more than some cysts on your ovaries. It’s a hormonal condition that starts in the brain and has many horrid affects mentally and physically including mood swings, depression, anxiety, acne, male hair growth and much more.

Trying to maintain a good weight helps the keep the symptoms more under control, but unfortunately PCOS in itself is a condition that slows down weight loss and actually can cause weight gain. Sucks right?!

Healthy Eating Tips

So recently I have had even more of a drive to sort out my lifestyle. After losing my nan last December my exercise and healthy eating took a back step and it has taken a long time to get myself back into it again.

In September I had finally had enough of my size and how it was affecting every day tasks, so I finally got back into a regime. I found some new healthy recipe ideas for meals, dug out some old ones that have helped me in previous years and I also researched PCOS diets.

In three months I’ve lost nearly two stone and have noticed a lot of differences already. I can finally fit into some clothes that I’ve stored in the back of my wardrobe since before I was pregnant eight years ago which is hugely satisfying!

I also have more energy and I am a bit more motivated to complete daily tasks that had started to become a struggle, like chores and walking the dog.

During the last few weeks I have started to struggle again, I think the October half term put me back as I got into the habit of taking my son out for day trips and grabbing food while we were out which wasn’t the healthiest. I also had a lovely meal out with my partner and friends and it was a huge oriental buffet. I struggled for days after as I just craved bad food constantly, which was a scary insight into how processed and sugary foods really can take a hold of the brain!

So for the last couple of weeks I’ve started to get back into the mindset and have set an additional goal of working out three times a week. Last week I achieved this which was motivating, and today I completed my first workout of the week, so fingers crossed I maintain this.

Here is some of the things that have helped me so far, and if you have any tips to help me on this journey please comment below!

Food Tips
Plan, Plan, Plan

Yep… planning really is key. The weeks I’ve had no food plan are the weeks I have deviated and ended up putting weight back on.
I try to have a general plan of the week, but am flexible if things crop up which may mean I swap a meal around from another day as it’s quicker to do.

Breakfast for me at the moment is always the same (Jamie Oliver’s granola dust) as it’s easy to make in bulk, tastes nice and can be put with milk or low fat yogurt.

Use Seasoning

Seasoning your food can completely change the taste, and it doesn’t increase the calories if you use the right ones!

I love adding smoked paprika to things like scrambled eggs, as it makes the same boring dish that I eat a couple of times a week taste completely different.

I’ve recently found another seasoning that has spiced up a few classic dishes. The Pepper and Garlic Steak Seasoning by Schwartz is a low calorie seasoning that can be added to steak of course (marinade the steaks in the seasoning for a few minutes before frying), but also a few other dishes.

Pepper and Garlic Steak Seasoning Schwartz
Pepper and Garlic Steak Seasoning works with many dishes

I’ve enjoyed it sprinkled in a beef stew this week, where my treat was the dumplings. It’s a seasoning that goes well with red meats, so my next meal idea with it will be marinading lamb chops with it as I think it will be delicious alongside some red wine and onion gravy… yum. The seasoning can be found in Tesco and it is sometimes part of by two for a certain price offer so it’s worth stocking up!

Pepper and Garlic Steak Seasoning Schwartz
We Used Seasoning In Stew This Week
Cook Homemade Where You Can
This is why planning is important. Cooking from scratch may take more time, but it is a lot healthier as you know exactly what is going into the food you eat.
Making your own sauces can change your calorie and sugar intake hugely! It’s also quite easy with things like bolognase sauces, as it’s just garlic, chopped tomatoes, seasoning and anything else you want to add to enhance the flavour.
Reward Yourself
If you have a good week, reward yourself with something not food related. Go get that handbag you’ve been eyeing up, or have that afternoon coffee date with a mate. My boyfriend helps me with incentives including lovely back massages, because he’s amazing at them. These incentives help me stay on track when I start to feel like giving up.
healthy eating update
Massage Is My Favourite Reward
Don’t Be Hard On Yourself
We all lose motivation at times and we can go off track. We are human. Don’t beat yourself up as this is more likely to cause you to remain off track. Instead, if you have had a naughty day or two, just focus on the remainder of the week. Don’t look back, and treat each day as a brand new start, with brand new choices.
If we don’t have treat days we are more likely to fail. This is a healthy lifestyle for life, not just for a few weeks so it needs to be realistic and also enjoyable.
Schwartz have gifted me the Pepper and Garlic Steak Seasoning, but all views are my own.

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