• We Have Been Celebrating National Stationery Week

    28th April 2016

    It’s National Stationery Week so Chunk and I have been exploring fun and creative ways for him to learn his letters and numbers. Chunk has just turned four and has a real fascination with numbers (which is something I would never knock as I’m hoping he might be some sort of numerical genius who will…

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  • What I Would Say To My Younger Self

    19th September 2014

    This week I’ve been inspired by a new competition from Legal & General which involves simply answering the question: “What Would You Say To Your Younger Self?” and thought I would give it a go. There’s probably quite a lot I would want to say to my teenage self, as I was a very shy,…

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  • Competition: £85 Lace Bodycon Dress by Claire Richards (FashionWorld)

    6th April 2014

    Competition time again! I have reviewed the fab new Spring/Summer range by Claire Richards for Fashion World on my plus size fashion blog (which you can also get to at the top of this blog under the ‘Tall Plus Size Fashion’ tab I might add). My favourite piece was the Lace Bodycon Dress, so Fashion…

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  • Ladies Footwear Competition!

    16th March 2014

    I’ve recently been sent a gorgeous pair of boots to review on my fashion blog by Shoesissima, which is a footwear company that caters for women with longer feet like me. They have shoes in UK sizes 8-12, and if you are within this footsize banding, you know how difficult it can be to find gorgeous, affordable shoes- I…

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  • Mother’s Day Jewellery Giveaway!

    8th March 2014

    Want to impress your mum or nan on Mother’s Day this month, but struggling to find a unique gift? Look no further, I’m giving away a stunning bracelet to one lucky reader! Katie’s Kali Jewels has kindly given me one of her beautiful, handmade pieces of jewellery, which includes ‘I love you’ charms. The bracelet…

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  • Children/Toddler Book Giveaway!

    22nd February 2014

    Reading is something I adored as a child, and still do (I just don’t get much time for it these days!), so I thought I would have a round up of some good children’s reads and also give them away to you lovely people! To find out more about any of these books, or to…

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  • Competition: Win One of Five 12-Week Diet Plans!

    25th October 2013

    When I was pregnant, I ate like an elephant; An ADULT elephant. I then had the baby and have spent the last 19 months in a sleep-deprived haze, using junk food as a quick energy fix and alternative to planned, time-consuming home made meals. This now has to stop, as my “baby weight” excuse wears…

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