We Have Been Celebrating National Stationery Week

28th April 2016
It’s National Stationery Week so Chunk and I have been exploring fun and creative ways for him to learn his letters and numbers.

Chunk has just turned four and has a real fascination with numbers (which is something I would never knock as I’m hoping he might be some sort of numerical genius who will keep his mummy comfortable in her old age), and he’s recently widened his interest in letters too.

The Kidy Board

As you know for Easter I got Chunk a Kidy Board which he LOVES as it means he gets to use a big boy pen and try to copy numbers, letters and even drawings.

Kidy Board

I love it because it means he isn’t attached to one of those electrical gadgets (oh the times I hide his tablet for months on end!!!) so it will never run out of battery or discourage him from interacting with other human beings. All it needs is a marker pen and a cloth to wipe it off each time he wants to start afresh- old skool ways are the best!

Drawy Books

This week I have managed to get hold of one of the new Drawy Books which is designed for kids aged between 5 and 10. Whilst this does use some (ahem) technology, it is actually in an educational way so I am more than happy to use it!

Bic Drawy Book

The Bic Drawy Book is a new gateway between colouring and digital technology and has been devised to help bridge the gap between traditional colouring and the ever-increasingly popular digital tablets.

Basically you and your child can draw images in the Drawy Book and then you use the DrawyBook App to make the drawings come to life.

Bic Drawy Book

Stationery Week Competition

And just to let you know, Maped Helix are running a creative competition for children aged 6 and above. All they have to do is design their own pencil case and submit the design by 1 May 2016. The details can be found on the Maped Helix website. 
What have you been doing for National Stationery Week? Feel free to comment below!

We were sent the Kidy Board and Drawy Book to test for the purpose of this review. No payment was received and all opinions are honest and my own.

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