This week I’ve been inspired by a new competition from Legal & General which involves simply answering the question: “What Would You Say To Your Younger Self?” and thought I would give it a go.

There’s probably quite a lot I would want to say to my teenage self, as I was a very shy, anxious and socially isolated girl.

This was partly due to me being overweight for the majority of my childhood and being the tallest in the class, so I felt like a giant that stuck out like a sore thumb. I was bullied throughout my schooling, and looking back it was because I was an easy target as I never retaliated or stood up for myself.

So this is where I would start. I would work on my self esteem and tell myself to LOVE myself and RESPECT myself a darn site more.

Me (right) a few years before I hit the dreaded teens

The older I get, the less I care about what people think of me, and the more I just do what makes me happy (as long as it’s not hurting anyone else of course).

I am increasingly becoming aware of just how short and precious life is, so the biggest message I would give to my younger self would be to LIVE LIFE.

I wish I had travelled a lot more before I had a child, but I was always a homely girl that never liked to be away for long.  Now, I would tell myself to get out there and see the places I always wanted to see, such as Australia, Canada, America and Jamaica: all of these places I have family I have never met but want to in order to complete that “part” of me.

Now I’m a single parent of a toddler with a very low income, it’s hard to afford a holiday abroad, which strangely makes me want to tell my current self the same piece of advice to avoid my own son looking back and having the same disappointments.

I need to find a way to save some pennies to start being able to make memories for me and Chunk; My first aim is to take him to EuroDisney so he can meet all the characters he adores in his film collection.

Fingers crossed I get a chance to win this competition, as it’s £1000 of holiday vouchers, so these memories could potentially be made!

Check out the competition on the Legal & General website, or #youngerself on Twitter.

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