• Week Two of Getting Healthy

    6th October 2016

    Bit of an up and down week this week in terms of both exercise and healthy eating . Exercise I failed to do any of my home workouts, BUT I joined the gym! I have not been part of the gym for about six or seven years, so this was a huge step. When I…

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  • Week 1 of Exercise and Healthy Eating

    8th September 2016

    As you know I am trying (yet again) to get healthier as I’ve had enough of feeling heavy and sluggish. I’ve just completed my first week of trying to be healthier and it’s not been too bad. Exercise I have been trying out a workout programme (Turbofire) that I bought months ago but never opened.…

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  • energy bites

    Recipe: No-Bake Peanut Butter & Chia Energy Balls

    2nd September 2016

    No-bake protein energy ball recipe. Peanut butter and chia seeds flavour.

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  • My Fitness Journey: Progress Update

    6th November 2015

    I’ve just noticed that I’ve not updated you on my fitness journey for a couple of months since I started paying more attention to my sugar intake so thought I better let you know what’s happened since then! I’ve continued to try out some #sugarfreefood recipes and when things have calmed down at home I…

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  • My No (Added) Sugar Diet #sugarfreefoods

    17th September 2015

    I’m sure you’ve seen or heard about Jamie Oliver’s recent Sugar Rush programme, and if you haven’t then watch it now! I had already started to find out about the effects of sugar on our bodies and minds watching other documentaries, but this really hit home to me as the first scenes were off a…

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  • DIY/ Upcycling: My Motivation Board

    4th May 2015

    In a bid to stop me snacking (going well so far!) I have been doing LOADS of upcycling projects in the last couple of weeks, so brace yourselves for a lot of DIY posts! My first is one that ties in quite nicely with my current weight loss targets, as I made a motivation board…

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  • The Wake-Up Call I Needed… and Juicing

    6th November 2014

    Last night I had a bit of a shock. I looked in the mirror and was completely DISGUSTED by what I saw. I am not just curvy or chunky anymore, I’m fat. I have lived in leggings and harem trousers ever since Chunk was born two and a half years ago as I cannot get…

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  • My Weight Loss Journey: Week 2

    1st November 2013

    This week I was my usual, unorganised self, so didn’t manage to download my shopping list or the recipes for the menu plan before I did my weekly shop. However, I just pretty much stuck to the previous week’s plan, because I had some leftover ingredients, and I quite enjoyed what I got to eat!…

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