• Gardening Toddler Fun! (#KidsGrowWild)

    16th June 2013

    Yesterday a white box arrived at my door, and to Chunk’s very great surprise it contained a gardening starter kit just for him! I entered Moneysupermarket.com’s #KidsGrowWild competition as a great excuse for Chunk to try gardening for ths first time, and to finally encourage me to sort my mum’s garden out! After a rainy start…

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  • My Easy-Peasy Jamaican-Style Meatball Curry with Rice & Peas

    8th June 2013

    I have accepted the ‘Hungry to Happy’ challenge to make a quick, but tasty, family meal using Richmond’s Mini Meatballs, and here is my creation! I decided to go back to my roots, (well one side of them!) and put a modern twist on a time-old Caribbean classic; Jamaican potato curry with rice and peas, with Mini Meatballs!

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  • The Red Cross Baby & Child Life-Saving App: My Review

    2nd June 2013

    The British Red Cross have launched a brand new app offering parents and carers first aid advice that could potentially save a child’s life. The free app provides useful advice on a range of accidents that most parents have to attempt to deal with at some point, from choking on a sweet, nasty cuts and…

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  • Sleep..what’s that again?

    1st June 2013

    The words of Hamlet; “To sleep, perchance to dream” are so apt right now it’s untrue! I miss sleep SO much and I’m starting to feel the zombie, tell-tale signs of sleep deprivation that were constant in the first four months of Chunk’s life. For the last few days, Chunk seems to not want to…

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  • I survived the first week of work, and so did Chunk!

    9th May 2013

    It’s hard to believe that I have already completed my first week back at work, but I am glad I made it alive! On the first day I was greeted in the morning by Chunk having wet the entire bed, and amazingly I didn’t kick off due to needing to get to work on time.…

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  • Returning to work (sorry the PAID kind!)

    6th May 2013

    Tomorrow I return to work after having a year of no money, but that precious thing we call ‘time’ with my boy. Now I will have less time with my boy and even LESS money- don’t you just love how our government work?! If I rented then I could stay off work and claim housing…

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  • Rainy Day Hell…

    14th April 2013

    I don’t know if it’s the same for everyone else, but cold, rainy days are my idea of a nightmare these days! My son seems to get cabin fever very quickly, and if he doesn’t get fresh air he becomes a smaller, more annoying version of Taz the Tasmanian Devil; Remember the scenes when Taz…

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  • Single Parent Pessimist

    Why I’ve Created This Blog & My Rant on USELESS FATHERS!

    13th April 2013

    Some of you may recognise my rants, meltdowns, sarcasm or even occasionally crazy blog posts, and that is because I wrote ‘The Pregnant Pessimist’ blog last year throughout my rollercoaster of a pregnancy.

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