• Toy Review: Stretch Mini Justice League

    4th November 2017

    Now we’re in November I’m increasing my search for Christmas toys for Chunk and his cousins, so expect a few reviews of the best ones I find! My son loves anything superhero, so I’m confident the new Justice League Stretch Armstrong range from Character will provide me with some good stocking fillers. The range includes…

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  • Toy Review: Scooby and Puzzle

    8th May 2017

    During the holidays we managed to have a lot of days out, but now he’s back at school I’ve been looking at ways to entertain him in the late afternoons when we want to chill at home. He was sent a couple of great toys this week which have thankfully been great for after school,…

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  • Toy Review: Ben and Holly’s Magical Kingdom

    23rd March 2016

    Chunk is a fan of TV programme Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom so was more than happy to test a new range of their toys! Character have a range of Ben and Holly toys aimed at ages 3-4 and these include play sets that can combine together to create mini parks for the characters. Chunk…

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  • Toy Review: Fireman Sam Rescue Centre

    27th September 2015

    Chunk came home from nursery yesterday and was greeted by a huge box that contained The Fireman Sam Rescue Centre and as you can imagine he was quite excited to open it. The centre is aimed at children aged 3+ and features a heli-pad, garage for the fire engine and ramps for the fire engines to…

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  • Toy Review: Zombie Blast

    26th August 2015

    I’ve been trying to entertain Chunk indoors a lot this week due to the horrific wind and rain we’ve been experiencing, so a new toy for him to test out came just at the right time! This week Chunk has been zapping a zombie around our home whilst dressed up as Buzz Lightyear. The Zombie…

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  • Christmas Gift Ideas: Peppa Pig

    26th October 2014

    My Christmas Gift Guides Yes, it really is getting closer to that time of year when us parents need to start finding gifts for the children that will last longer than a few hours and that will hold their attention span long enough for us to have a breather. In an attempt to be vaguely…

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