• My Traumatic Fortnight

    7th November 2015

    You may (or may not) have noticed that I’ve been very quiet on here lately, and that’s because so much stuff is happening in my life at the moment which has been crazy. I feel the urge to offload so this may be a long one! Let’s start with nan. I adore the woman to…

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  • My Fitness Journey: Progress Update

    6th November 2015

    I’ve just noticed that I’ve not updated you on my fitness journey for a couple of months since I started paying more attention to my sugar intake so thought I better let you know what’s happened since then! I’ve continued to try out some #sugarfreefood recipes and when things have calmed down at home I…

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  • Beauty Product Review: Liz Earle Superskin Face Serum

    22nd September 2015

    Liz Earle is a brand that I’ve heard a lot about from older colleagues at work but never actually tried myself. They have all said the products help to keep their skin in good condition and now that I’m in my thirties this is an area I’m trying to explore! The Superskin Face Serum aims…

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  • My No (Added) Sugar Diet #sugarfreefoods

    17th September 2015

    I’m sure you’ve seen or heard about Jamie Oliver’s recent Sugar Rush programme, and if you haven’t then watch it now! I had already started to find out about the effects of sugar on our bodies and minds watching other documentaries, but this really hit home to me as the first scenes were off a…

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  • Competition: Win a Q10 Cream Bundle Set

    25th May 2015

    I have a gorgeous cream set for one of you lucky readers to win. It consists of Q10 Day and Night Creams and a Q10 Revitalizing Hand and Nail Cream. To find out about these great products, check out my review on my plus size fashion and beauty website Tall, Curvy Mumma. To enter simply…

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  • My Quest To Be Healthy Continues…

    14th April 2015

    Guess what? I’m actually doing quite well with this healthy eating and taking care of myself thing and I’m shocked! Healthy Recipes  It was triggered by the lovely people at Upbeat Protein Drinks sending me a week’s worth of protein-packed food to see how it made me feel as part of their #upbeatchallenge. I loved…

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  • My Experience of Confidence Training

    25th March 2015

    Confidence is something I’ve always lacked, but have always wanted. I was very shy at school, as I was the tallest, chunky girl in the class and stuck out like a sore thumb, and I think this has always stayed with me. I was bullied throughout my school years by various peers (all short boys…

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  • Bathtime Fun!

    20th March 2015

    Childs Farm Bubble Bath Another milestone was completed this week: Chunk had his first bubble bath! Yes I know, at nearly 3 years old that’s a bit shocking, but he has eczema and I’ve always been told bubble baths are a big no no. I rarely take him swimming for the same reason, as it’s…

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  • My Resolution Progress So Far…

    27th February 2015

    I was supposed to write this post in January, but time has sped away from me as usual, but in some ways that’s a good thing, because this is the time of year when people’s new year resolutions start to be forgotten and motivation dwindles. I came into this year feeling quite happy (which is…

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  • My DECHOX Challenge for British Heart Foundation

    8th February 2015

    Chunk recently had heart surgery (yes I will be posting about this when I get time to breathe) and thankfully the heart condition he was born with is something that can be cured. However I’m very aware that there are still many heart conditions that babies, children and adults have that the health industry have…

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