• 6 Tips for Getting the Garden Ready for Summer

    28th June 2016

    Gardening doesn’t come naturally to me, so for those of you in the same boat I’ve got six tips for you when sorting out your garden for this summer. Hope they are of use! 1. Keep It Simple Don’t try to recreate the botanical gardens, stick with small, simple changes. It’s much easier to complete…

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  • DIY / Upcycling: Revamping My Ottoman

    21st November 2015

    A couple of weeks ago I decided to upcycle my blanket box to match my bedroom, after being inspired by a new technique I saw on an upcycling Facebook page. It’s really simple, but the outcome (I think) is pretty stylish and bold!  Tutorial I used white chalk paint to coat the box lid and…

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  • DIY/ Upcycling: Decoupaging Vases

    13th August 2015

    I’m very new to decoupage, which is basically decorating things using ripped napkins, paper, wallpaper just like we did at school! However this is much more intricate and beautiful when done right, which is why I am still very much a beginner! I bought some vases and candles from a 99p store and used napkins…

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  • DIY / Upcycling: My Toilet Revamp

    27th July 2015

    It’s been another busy week of decorating, and I’m starting to get good at this! This time I targeted the toilet, as I was sick of the aged tiles and wanted them to match the rest of my camply-decorated toilet. I love my teal and white walls with random gold, tacky material and sparkly light…

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  • DIY/ Upcycling: Revamping the Hallway!

    20th July 2015

    Oh my it’s been a very busy couple of months to the point that I’ve not had time to even blog about any of my latest upcycles and revamps! This month I have taken on two major projects; My hallway and spare room. My hallway has an archaeic dado rail but I don’t have the…

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  • DIY/ Upcycling: Chunk’s Marvel Wardrobe

    20th May 2015

    You may remember last year how I revamped some of Chunk’s chest of drawers Marvel style and I’ve finally gotten around to doing the same to his wardrobe! Thankfully Chunk is now a huge fan of all things superhero, and I had some left over samples of some Avengers comic strups from my last trip to…

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  • DIY/ Upcycling: My Motivation Board

    4th May 2015

    In a bid to stop me snacking (going well so far!) I have been doing LOADS of upcycling projects in the last couple of weeks, so brace yourselves for a lot of DIY posts! My first is one that ties in quite nicely with my current weight loss targets, as I made a motivation board…

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  • DIY / Upcycling: Redecorating My Bathroom

    5th January 2015

    This Christmas was the fourth year I’ve lived in my flat, and the fourth year I’ve told myself I will not go another year with my disgusting, aged bathroom. And this time I managed to sort it in the first few days of the new year! The bathroom is completely tiled, and me not having…

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  • DIY/ Upcycling: Sink Storage Unit

    1st January 2015

    When I got home one evening this week I noticed someone had left an under the sink storage unit next to the communal bin, so I saw a prime opportunity to do some more upcycling! It was a light wood colour, but also had a green tinge, so it was definitely in need of a…

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  • DIY / Upcycling: A Shoerack

    1st November 2014

    The saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” has yet again been proved by yours truly. I visited my mother the other day and as I rolled up the drive I noticed her neighbour had left out an old, wooden shoe rack with their rubbish. It was still fully-functioning but just didn’t look too…

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